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Chickens that lay eggs with medicine are used to fight cancer.

Researchers Scotland, genetically modified a group of chickens so that they can put eggs that contain medicines used in diseases such as arthritis and certain types of cancer,

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First of all, the scientists assured that these drug production is 100 times cheaper than in the laboratoryThis will be a small experiment that ultimately assumes production will reach sufficient quantities to achieve commercial levels of production.

Doctor and Researcher Roslyn Institute of Edinburgh University, Lissa Herronasserts that the hens used for this purpose do not suffer, but are spoiled compared to the treatment received by the servants on the farms.

“They live in very large hands, they are fed and given to drink, and they receive the daily attention of highly qualified technicians, they live a comfortable life” noted Lissa.

More economical than drugs

Photo: Pixabay.

Scientists have previously shown that genetically modified goats, rabbits and chickens can be used to develop protein therapy by producing milk or eggs,

“Production (of these drugs) can cost 10-100 times less than in the laboratory, so we will reduce the total cost of production at least 10 times”explains the doctor.

Biggest savings because It is cheaper to build and maintain pens in which chickens are grown than sterile laboratories and factories where these medicines are produced,

Many diseases occur because the body does not produce enough of a specific chemical or protein. They can be kept under control with drugs that contain the protein in question.

In addition, Herron and his colleagues succeeded in inserting a human gene, which usually produces protein in humans, into the DNA of the chickens responsible for the production of egg protein.

The research team focused on two proteins that are necessary for the immune system: IFNalpha2awhich has powerful antiviral and anti-cancer effects, and macrophage-CSF, able to stimulate damaged tissues so that they can repair themselves.

Three eggs are enough to get a dose of the drug, and chickens can lay up to 300 eggs a year.

Extensive process

But creating these drugs for human consumption is a process full of regulations that can take from 10 to 20 years, so the team Herron He hopes to start the production of these products, thinking primarily about animal health.

Some of these tools can serve to stimulate the immune system of farm animals and, thus, avoid the use of antibiotics, which helps reduce the risk of developing new layers of resistant bugs.

There is also the possibility of using healing properties. Macrophages treat pets according to Herron,

“For example, we could use it to regenerate the liver or kidney of a pet that was damaged by these organs, currently available medications are too expensive, so we hope to develop it a little more.”,

Lecturer Roslinsky Institute, Helen sang, noted that: “We are not yet producing drugs for treating people, but this study shows that chickens are commercially viable for producing adequate proteins for drug development and other biotechnological applications.”

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