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Chahin used to call for pensioners for Pinera: first, the government must fulfill its obligations

Steering Christian Democracy, Fuad Chain, answered on Tuesday the call made President Sebastian Pinera from the Middle East, who directly asked parliamentarians of the Phalange to move forward in Protocol of the agreement on pension reformAfter that he signed the party’s leadership with the government on the so-called modernization tax,

Chakhin – in conversation with Cooperative Diary– noted that the first Executive must respect agreed obligations This made it possible to approve the idea of ​​legislatively drafting a pension project in the Chamber of Deputies by voting in the District of Columbia.

"First, the government must complete the fulfillment of its obligations. in this question, and correct some aspects that, in our opinion, should be improved, such as the creation of this public entity, which was part of the obligation to the DC, so that the additional contribution was not in the GPO and was carried out by the public entity with greater freedom to make decisions ", – he said.

In addition, the former MP said that “we must also respond to another commitment, how do we combine solidarity, There are two ways to move to a universal pension, and the other is through insurance, longevity, survival, allowing increase pensions to current middle class retireesAs well as insuring women to match their deteriorating pension situation. "

If these points are met, he said:we are first interested in this progress".

In the tax reform agreement "we uphold the principles"

In addition, he defended a protocol signed with the executive this weekend on influx reform, for unlock reintegrationThe “heart” of the project: “What he is looking for is to ensure that the structure in which the government provided testimony is very clearly defined; this is not a guarantee to the government, but to our parliamentarians and SMEs“With whom we work,” he said.

To criticize the DK's internal affairs for this, he argued thatsome people are upset that our party is so importantespecially when SMEs say they are grateful to DC, and we were grateful. "

In this regard, Chakhin stressed that "we defend the principles (…) and each of the goals that we set when we begin to analyze the reform is achieved. We defend the principle of progressiveness; principle of not weakening the powers of the tax servicenew standards for countering circumvention are being strengthened and created. "

“We are going to free up the lives of almost 900 thousand small and medium enterprises that can benefit from the simplified tax system; we help middle-aged people, that they will have a reduction in contributions; There is a special fund for the regions, ”the former parliamentarian added.

However, the president of DK warned the government that “votes will be after the readings correspond to the established in the protocol. "

The situation, which caused irritation when signing an agreement with the government on tax reform, was The appearance of President Pière"We were surprised and it was inconvenient," Chakhin admitted, criticizing this. "after all, this is a bother, wants to kick corners and nodHe always wants to win, and in the end he made invisible what is really important, the presence of leaders of higher and medium business. ”

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