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Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications India, with over 200 million usersat a country that also leads the world in sending remittances,

In 2017, these achievementsthat emigrants are sent to their country of origin – usually to relatives -, exceeded 69 billion dollars in india as indicated by the World Bank.

For this reason Facebook is looking for a way to enter the money transfer business and while your best bet will be create cryptocurrency for whatsapp,

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So much so that the financial analysis of the American company, Bloomberg, described in detail in its December 2018 report. that, although Facebook is still developing a cryptocurrency strategy, its running through the WhatsApp platform is not a secret,

It must be remembered that in In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg’s company hired former PayPal president David Marcusto launch a Facebook messaging app called Messenger.

The same year the purchase of whatsapp, the oldest of the social networks, which is still active, has begun to take shape,

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But it was not until the first months of 2018, when the first rumors of cryptocurrency arose created by facebook. Cause? Zuckerberg company launched set sequence (which currently reaches 40 people) for your team responsible for developing and researching the blockchain method,

Blockchains are distributed databases that write blocks of information and interweave them. to facilitate the recovery of information and verify that it has not been changed, eliminating intermediaries and decentralizing information management to ensure control over the process for users,

All complexity "Blockchain", as a rule, provides greater security and independence in relation to the currency, which ultimately led to the boom of cryptocurrency previous years.

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“Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to use blockchain technologyA Facebook spokesperson told Bloomberg.

"This is new small team exploring many different applications“We have nothing else to share,” they added, without going into details. The role played by exPayPal David Marcus, who currently acts as a “blockchain explorer for Facebook” in your professional profile.

All of the above allowed the experts to assign a rating "It is very likely" the likelihood that Facebook will launch cryptocurrency in the coming years transfer money through Whatsapp,

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