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Camila Rekabarren takes the first steps as mayor

The first requirement to start a new task is desire, and Camila Rekabarren does it.

Former Miss Chile, who this week commenced at Morning Chile, has a few dreams at the age of 26, and one of them has nothing to do with his current job as a media representative.

Camila wants to be elected mayor of La Serena, the city in which she grew up. The plan, which was developed a little over a year and was born since he looks with concern at the few achievements that, in his opinion, were made in the famous resort of the Coquimbo region.

“Politics attracts my attention, and I like it. Region IV is beautiful, but you go, and this is good, there is nothing, and I have lived there my whole life. I am accused of not doing so many positive things, and with the mayor, who has two periods, there is no progress. ”Tkni first.

“The courts are not good, there are no green areas. Of course, it is cheaper to make dry gardens with beautiful stones, but save on planting trees and caring for them, ”he says.

The next municipal elections will be held in 2020, but Camila will say “step”. His candidacy is intended for later, “when he has experience and great support. Now I am 26 years old, and I feel that by that time I have to learn a lot in order to do this very well. And for that, I have to learn, learn. "

Long-term preparation, which also includes an approach to voters, the plane in which it is most advanced. “I'm already starting to do a lot of social projects, and it brought me closer to people. This wealth to generate trust, transparency, which the public appreciates, "- says the future public servant.

– Will you have the support of a political party?

I just need time to clarify myself at this stage, because I don’t define myself on either of the two political fronts, I’m like the middle, and I don’t want to be that way. Although my daughter is in super-left school.

– What brought you into politics?

Two years ago I didn’t want to know anything about politics, I hated politicians. I had a couple who was an adviser to La Serena, who threw herself as mayor, hence my refusal … I saw what was dedicated every day and did not help much, and I received a salary that caught my attention because I, a member of the council, win 500 or 600 Lucas, but in the end, they make cuts, I do not know where and for what this money can be directed to other things.

– Then?

There I was disappointed to learn that the politician is inside, because not everyone is the same. But I believe that many behave badly and protect each other, so for someone outside of politics it is expensive, and when this is the case, they make life impossible. But it does not matter to me, I want to work, promote, grow, be informed, learn body language, speech therapy.

– Peta Hart.

Yes, and it will grow, and people trust me, so I will give your vote. If you see me doing nonsense, it is not.

– In addition to bad practices, what would you like to change?

We need to attract more young people in different areas. There are new things we want to make, new projects. Definitely need updating.

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