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Bomb! Kolo Kolo has Edson Pooh

The player has completed his loan from Queretaro and is due back in Pachuca, Mexico. However, his desire is to return to Chile. Technician Mario Salas has already approved his possible arrival at Monumental, and only the possible sale of Toluca could restrain Cacique’s desire to count on the former University of Chile.

Kolo Kolo does not want to again face problems in front of the opponent's goal, the same as he was in the past semester. For this reason, the portfolio has a magnificent reinforcement: Edson Puig. Ikikeno is on vacation in Chile and sees with good eyes the opportunity not to return to Mexico.

With several options at Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, where he was on loan, the attacker must return to Pachuca, the team that bought his pass in 2017 for an amount close to $ 7 million.

“Edson Pooh has completed his contract with us, and he must return to the Hidalgo Club, we know nothing about Chile’s interests. This is a Pachuka theme. We already got rid of the player, "- said Curetaro president Jaime Ordiales.

But people need to move quickly to get at least a loan of the selected Chilean, because the numbers are far from seeking to buy your pass. Puig is on the list of possible reinforcements for Toluca, cadres with sufficient economic power to agree, if he wishes, on the final inclusion of the attacker.

He wants to come back

Despite the conditions that can put the "red devils" on the table, the player's desire is to return to Chile. This is how he made his neighbors understand. At 32, Iquiceno believes that he has already completed his cycle in Mexico. Despite his wishes, the attacker has a contract until June 2020 with the image of "Tuzos", who will always have the last word on the possible transfer of the scorer.

Moreover, the Albos leaders communicated with the player in order to find out their conditions, taking advantage of Puig’s vacation in the country. On the other hand, the former Nekaksa does not look with a bad look at the possibility of reaching Monumental, although the conditions under which its possible arrival will be closed are not yet clear.

The album was closely watched by the new technician behind all these sports leadership movements. Mario Salas enthusiastically perceived the presence of a player in Pedrero, considers him an enhancement of the international level for the new project and hopes that the player will be able to join the preseason album next January.

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