Tuesday , January 26 2021

Biographer Jean Bosezhur: “At school, he asked me to tell two last names” | sports

In the match between Chile and Honduras, Jean Bozejour put on a shirt Mapuche surname of his mother: Colicheo.

When asked tribute Camilo Katrilyanka, the national team said that "he prepared it in advance."

Ignacio Briso, a left biographer, told La Segundé that “he did not do this because of the uprising, and even less of fashion. He was always proud of his origins.and it was his most public demonstration. ”

As for the family history of player U, the journalist said that “it comes from two very military men, his father is Haitian, and his mother is Mapuche, he has never seen stigma in this. he asked for two last names".

In any case, it was not the only manifestation of affection for the city of La Araucania in Temuco, because the players embraced and they made a minute of silence remember the late komunero.

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