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Battlefield V, the great battle between good game and mistakes

Battlefield has always been one of my favorite FPS (first person shooter) games. The fact that battles are real battles between a large number of players, with huge open stages and all kinds of vehicles is something that captures and distinguishes it from other war games.

In this sense Battlefield V, which came out recently, remains true to the fact that the saga, with just great and diverse scenarios. Snow mountains, cities, fields and cities make up different scenarios for Battlefield V, all of which are composed of elements, but they have as a point against the sum. This is not so much, so you do not have to repeat them for a long time.

In ThotThere are 8 available maps with the launch of the game, all huge and complete details that make them visually appealing.
When Battlefield 1 was released, there were scenarios in the game that were undoubtedly demonstrated by next-generation graphics, now Battlefield V is not far behind and represents the level of detail in each scenario that completely immerses you into the game.

We test the game using Nvidia GeForce 1070, and it had no problems, and it worked fine with graphic details –Taking this opportunity, we thank Nvidia for providing the code for this review.

Another attractive point of the script is a large number of elements that are destroyed as the fight progresses, This is how the village at the beginning of the game will have all its houses in excellent condition, but when it is 15 or 20 minutes, the place will be completely different if most of the buildings are destroyed.

The visual appeal of this game is simply amazing and fascinated from the very beginning by its introduction, where You use different soldiers in some of the most important battles of the Second World War.

In terms of gameplay, Battlefield V is a series of New features, mainly in terms of teamwork.

Among them is the fact that when you are shot down, any ally of your unit can stand up without having to be a doctor, therefore Teamwork becomes necessary in order to be able to progress without losingIn the same way, each player can only wear a first-aid kit, so once you use it, you should look for a health boost point, otherwise you will not sit in combat for a long time.

Given the limited amount of health and the fact that your allies can help you, it is vital for your squad, for which Players can choose between four classes that will have different specializations. This will lead you to spend a lot of time finding the right class for you, regardless of whether it supports the team as a doctor (which can revive not only your squad), specializing in melee attacks with the attack class or from a distance from recognition.

In addition to intense online matches, Battlefield V has an attractive storyline mode, which features four stories (three currently available), although they are rather short, about 5 hours, they allow you to use a different approach to the game, especially because it does not provide as much freedom as various online matches.

But since not everything is perfect, we have to talk about the problems of Battlefield V. The biggest of them a large number of errors occurring in multiplayer mode some of which cause finesse and others that disturb and interfere with gaming experience.

There were several games in which the dead characters began to shove in the air before falling or flying a few meters a shot, problems that are not entirely strange in games are errors that do not affect the gameplay at all … if it were it will not be a serious problem.

Perhaps the biggest mistake is that sometimes the weapon remains locked in the center, and although it points to an angle, it does not move, but it looks at it, therefore, it becomes almost impossible to aim correctly. Although this error did not force me to close the game and this can be fixed by changing classes at death, it is certainly very annoying,

Good thing about these errors are that they can be fixed with updates, but the fact is that they should not come with the game when it starts.

Finally, Battlefield V never ceases to be a great game, the battles are more exciting than ever, the scenarios look fantastic – although there are not many of them, the gameplay is very good, but mistakes … damn mistakes … no doubt they are deducting enough to be one of the best games of the saga.

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