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AUDIO | The Case of Katrillanca: UDI Leader Blames Assembly, and Claims Bullet Bounce Kills “Damn Criminal”

Gloria Navaylan (UDI) is the leader of the Victoria Farmers Association, and was also a former deputy candidate in the 22nd district. Through WhatsApp, this weekend a trade unionist began to distribute his statement – to which he had access Dynamo– where he tells his version of what allegedly happened on the day the murder of camilo catrillanca carabinieri.

According to her, and without presenting any evidence other than his testimony, everything was about "installation" governments The Minister of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno, accused the police agency and thus gained political advantage in the proposals that are being made in this area.

Naveylan says that “the procedure in which Katrillanka died was a procedure absolutely adapted to what should be,” because, according to his story, “Katrillanka was one of the vehicle thieves of teachers, in fact he was recognized as one of the professors, who reported this to Minister Espina, and Minister Espina was as strange as ever who said, "I am no longer a senator, I can do nothing."

“What happened on that day, so that they understand this and do not repeat nonsense, is that Carabineros was chasing a group of people who terrorized teachers and children who hijacked their cars at gunpoint and machete. One of the vehicles was chased by air by one of the Carabineros helicopters, which informed the ground crew where to go. On the way, they found a barricade of logs, could not continue driving in the car and continued on foot, ”the woman said.

Then, his personal version of the story indicates that “they were informed from the helicopter that the passenger of the vehicle fell and that he had gone to the ruins of the forest and after the driver of this car climbed onto a blue tractor and then the satellite also climbed onto the blue tractor. "

Katrillanka attempted to attack the Carabinieri backwards, and then rushed forward with its back to the police. Carabineros ordered him to stop and did not stop. In such a procedure, GOPE is entrusted to act, and for this they were given a weapon to arrest the perpetrators and the attack they committed. So everyone understands what killed Katrillanka was the rebound of a bullet in a tractor tirebecause it was not a direct bullet. Because a 5.56 – 14 meter bullet would have destroyed Katrillanke's skull, and nothing happened“Actually, the bounce is stuck in the head of Catrillanca and not even died in a minute,” says the former UDI candidate.

And adds: “Therefore, the procedure should have helped save the life of the damned who was a criminal because the guy had a police record, and he was released by Judge Collipulli with purely legal arguments that did not match. ”


According to his version, the assembly began at the same moment. "When they arrived at their headquarters in Pailaueque, they were ordered to wait there for the general of the Carabinieri who had come from Santiago, when they were going to do it in accordance with the procedure that was to go to the office of Collipullli to explain what had happened, they were forced to stay . General Santiago Franzani arrives in Pailaueque with a lawyer, The lawyer constantly talked on the phone in Santiago that I would like to know who he was, although I suspect who could, and received an order how to make the statement of these carabineros false … ", says the audio.

“The carabinieri did not want to sign the declaration, but the order in an institution like Carabinero, given by the head, is not discussed. While the general was ahead, they had no other alternative than to sign, knowing that what he had signed was a lie. In this way, all this was a montage that came much higher than those poor four pacos who are detained today and be convicted of murder that they never committed, "he adds.

"The government does not have enough pants, a coward and a fagot"

Navaylan says that “Here is the fault of the government, which lacks trousers, cowards and fagots, what he did to bring us to us on a tray in exchange for Moreno, in order to get his impulse plan, which will not bring any stupidity except in favor of violent moupoux”it also raises the question that the government "could not put into effect an exceptional situation allowing us to travel and sleep in peace."

To all this, the UDI leadership adds another element: “It turns out that it was this government that created the monster. Because we do not forget that the Minister (Alfredo) Moreno did not find anything better than how to start joining cruel Mapuchas, such as Ankalaf, who, without going into details, quoted the meeting there in Villarrica. Then it turns out that they tried to bow to the most cruel of the group, in particular Marcelito Katrillanca Pueh, father of the dead".

“And it turns out that the father of the deceased, San Camilo, is a criminal who has been hiding from justice for years, and it turns out that grandfather is also not surprised by a man. And Minister Moreno did not find anything better than to apologize at the Lonko funeral or not to know when. And now he is looking at the press, offering to meet with Marcelo Katrillanca to apologize to him for the death of his son, ”he explains.

Finally, excandidata confirms that "you must be crowned weonHow can you think of creating a monster like the one they created? Now the government does not know what to do with Marcelo Katrillanca, because guess who is the one who kindles Queca on all parts of the road: Marcelito Katrillanca with his people can. So now the government, after it has created a monster, does not know what to do. Not if they openly have the year they are asking for. "

Via twitter (@glorianaveillan)The leader confirmed that the audio recordings belong to him. Check them out here:

NOTE. It should be noted that the leadership of UDI does not provide any evidence of its history and does not coincide with the report on the dismissal of ex-combatants or the testimony or expert opinions collected by the prosecutor's office. For now, this is just a personal version of Gloria Naveillán.

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