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Ariel Levy on Nicholas Lopez: "He is a degenerate, gone"

Actor and wrestler Ariel Levy he referred to serious allegations of sexual abuse of his friend, the director Nicholas Lopezwhich he called "degenerate."

In the online program Divina Noche, Levy said that "I think he's a degenerate, yes, And hueón very past This may be very inappropriate, but the sex offender disagrees with the person I know, That's what I saw. "

The actor added that “I do not live with him. Best friend, I'm not his eitherI worked with him. I am very much a friend. I love him very much. Until today, we are friends. "" He is degenerate, past, inappropriate, insane, ahueonao"he added.

Regarding those who accuse Lopez, he said that "they have the right to condemn what they think about what could have happened to them." verified what he did is sexual or violent violence"But from what I saw, no."

When asked if his problem was worrying, Levi finished: “I have a small apartment, I have nothing to do, invite Nicholas here and ask him, I feel responsible for what I did, and not because of Nicholas. I am not responsible for what all my friends are doing".


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