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Aquarius – Tuesday, September 17, 2019: follow your inspiration, love will surprise you | Aquarius horoscopes

Astrological news: Tuesday, September 17, 2019. The moon in Aries moves towards Taurus under the vibration of two, indicated by a pair, company. The planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the planetoid Pluto are still retrograde, your gesture saves love relationships.

You will be surprised at how quickly events unfold from that moment. An important moment draws near in your sentimental life when you receive news of distant love.

Do not embody your feelings of uncertainty in love, because you can cause unstable situations in your relationship and create conflicts with your partner.

Betrayal, accidents, traps? Discover the danger of your sign


This love stage that you are starting now is ideal for reconciliation, as well as to cause sensual sparks in your relationship, if for some reason you are cold or not. You are gentle, you know how to make them love you, if you offer.

The money invested in your health will never fall into a broken bag, and your body will thank you. Take care of yourself with responsibility and do not save when buying high-quality food and care products.

I am working
Something interesting may happen related to your work, and it is possible that in a few days someone will invite you to take part in a new company or appoint another leadership that will allow you to successfully go the way in your company.

Where can you find love?


Money and luck
The chance rotates, and in this cycle your intuition receives astral influences when you go to bed. Do not underestimate the signs and messages that come to you tonight, because they can contain money and much more than just a dream. Bring a pen and white paper with you so you can immediately write down what comes next.

Today's astral biorhythm
Sex Levels This Tuesday: High.
Cosmic dynamics that you must take advantage of: inspiration that comes to you in the middle of dreams or interesting situations.
Tuesday's dangerous trend in your sign of Aquarius: Lock yourself in your world.
What should I avoid ?: Doing too many things at once that wants to cover too much.
The phrase of the day: really strong people trust themselves, weak people – to external factors.

A ritual to help you clear your mind and know what you want to do

Partner forecast for today
The best relationship today: the best happens with a fiery sign and very good with Libra and Gemini.
The most tense relationships: this usually happens with Scorpio.
Your current compatibility: there is not much incompatibility, in this case it will be with signs of water elements.
If you are alone or alone: ​​do not become impatient, because what once seemed distant and absent-minded has now ceased to be Aquarius.

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