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Apple knew about the catastrophic failure in FaceTime and did nothing to fix it

The teen reported him more than a week ago, and no one paid any attention to him.

The FaceTime error became popular only on Monday, but this error has been known for some time. A 14-year-old student from Arizona tried to warn Apple about the problem, but no one paid attention to him.

This is Grant Thompson and his mother Michelle, who spent more than a week trying to hear them at Apple. None of this happened, and the results were obvious: the real bomb in Apple's reputation (see This note).

It all started on January 20, when Grant tried to arrange a conversation with a group of friends to play Fortnite. The teenager unwittingly realized a serious mistake and unsuccessfully tried (with his mother) to multiply through social networks. Even Apple did not listen to them.

“My son discovered a serious security flaw in Apple’s new iOS. He can listen from his iPhone / iPad without your consent. I have a video, "his mother said on Twitter on January 20th.

The report Engadget mentioned that they repeatedly called the company, but all in vain. Finally, they found that they needed a developer account to report a bug, but at that moment they felt that Apple was not taking the problem seriously. Just then, others noticed, and everything exploded in the press.

The security bug reported in recent days was such that it did not take too many skills to use it, which is a serious security issue in the iPhone. From Apple, they decided to disable the function of group video calls, and it is expected that it will be fixed in the next versions.

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