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Anthony Davis points to the Lakers

Los angeles lakersapparently, they are a team that has more resources to strive to achieve in the change of a talented center New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Daviswhose agent publicly stated earlier this week that his client wants to be sold to a team of opponents.

But even the sum of such a star would not guarantee that the Lakers would become candidates for the title of the NBA overnight, because, according to the analyst, they would have to part with important players to acquire the Pelican striker. Davis, 25, earns more than 25 million dollars year

The league said yesterday that Davis was fined $ 50,000 for violating the agreement, since no player or his representatives could make public statements requesting a change.

The candidate for the Most Valuable Player award in the 2018–2019 season, Davis gains an average of 29.3 points per game, second in the NBA after James Harden (36.3) and 13.3 rebounds, third in the league.

According to the opinion and opinion of the NBA analyst for ESPN Deportes, Puerto Rican Alvaro MartinThe rival teams that could be attractive to Davis are Toronto, Boston and the Lakers. But of those who do not believe that Toronto has the material to reach an agreement with New Orleans, he believes that there are players in Boston and the Lakers who might be interested in pelicans. In the case of the Lakers, it was possible to include in the package Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Ivica Zubak and the round of the novice round.

Boston also has young canasteros, but he has Kyrie Irving with the same type of contract as Davis (according to Derrick Rose's rule), and the collective agreement stipulates that the team cannot have two players with the same type of agreement. The only way for Boston is to wait after the season and the date of June 30, when Irving becomes a free agent. In this case, Boston will have to re-sign Irving and make changes in the off-season with New Orleans to get a foothold.

"Boston has assets that may be of interest to New Orleans. Young players of great projection. I believe the idea of ​​Boston is to stay with Kyria and Davis together", Said Martin.

"But why do I mention this? Because if Davis and his agent know that tejemeneje is July 1, and he wanted to go to Boston, he had better keep quiet and stay between him and the administration. I would have avoided the media forum, and when the date approached, they made changes".

Martin believes that by making public his desire to change, for the above reason, Davis is not interested in going to Boston. Martin has a different theory that is consistent with what other specialized media in the United States, including ESPN, reported.

“He wants to go to Los Angeles,” said a commentator, who pointed out that several signs point to this, because Davis changed agents and hired Rich Paul (Klutch Sports Group), the same as LeBron James.

Martin also recalled that since 2012, when LeBron and Davis were team-mates in the US national team that won gold at the London Olympics, both continued a close friendship.

“The problem with Los Angeles is that they still need reliable shooters. They have arrows, but not reliable ones. LeBron is becoming less and less physically capable, especially with penetration. It depends more on a shot of three. Anthony Davis can help him under the pole, but we need triples. "

“This team, even with Davis, does not convince me,” added Martin, explaining that the difference will be in how the leadership will make other movements besides acquiring the center.

In this sense, Carlos González, the leader of “Santeros de Aguada” in the national high basketball, coincided separately.

“They still need to add another piece to be able to win, because I still understand what they are going to give, that they have to give several players a good projection … They have to give (Brandon) Ingram or (Kyle) Kuzma . They must give a few of them, and they will have to replace them. And there is not much available, "analyzed Gonzalez.

The coach recalled that the reports indicated that the Lakers would put in a time out after the season of one of the great free agents, since this could be Clay Thompson from the Golden State or Kaui Leonard from Toronto.

“It is known that the Lakers have a place for two more superstars, and, having LeBron, they want to continue to grow in order to have a real chance of a championship. For me, there is a chance that he (Davis) will go to the Lakers. Los Angeles is a city of money, and it also has the opportunity to win there, ”Gonzalez concluded.

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