Tuesday , January 26 2021

Alex Bueno seems to have refreshed his decision to bring the public back

Gabriel was one of the guests of Alex Bueno, with whom he interpreted the new version of The Schoolgirl. Video from this song comes from a million views on YouTube.

It was a long wait, but it was worth it. The reunion of Alex Bueno with his land was shown at Hard Rock Live in Santo Domingo by a renewed artist who is ready to recapture the stages.

The concert, which was prepared by Producciones Guzmán Hernández, began at 11:30 on Friday evening at a good pace, giving way to a tour of the artistic history of El Mayimbito, which was present at the moments of bachata, bolero, meringue and sauce. Two hours and 15 minutes was not enough to sing all the successes he had gathered over his more than three decades musical career, but the audience sang and danced until each of the songs that Alex Bueno played in an impeccable voice, accompanied by a well-matched orchestra and luxurious guests such as Gabriel and Diomedes.

“Oh, what an audience! It vibrates more beautiful! Happiness made people. Gentlemen, good evening, I am very happy, very excited by this love that I met here with many wonderful people, with so many of my people. I'm going to say something. I didn't bring dancers or something like that here, because I don't have that yet … but I brought them my voice, I brought them my blessings, I brought them to Alex Bueno, who was born five years ago, after how God made me a miracle. I am the happiest person, and now I enjoy you to look at you, touch you … thank you for giving me the opportunity. Here I am introducing Alexei Bueno now, ”said the singer, before mentioning her wife (Sarah) and his two daughters (Escarlet and Sarita), who came from New York to attend the Saturday concert at Hard Rock Live.

In addition, he thanked them for the opportunity and presented himself as “Alex Bueno de Achor”. From the stage he was in no hurry to emphasize the presence of some of the figures that came to him, including businessmen, politicians and the military.

About the songs he sang, he said that he collected a repertoire with songs that were asked when they called him to please everyone. However, some of them were missing, such as “What a beautiful face” that they persistently present to them.
When it came time to say goodbye, in the rhythm of “Que volver”, he again thanked the public for not “leaving him alone” upon returning to his homeland.

Alex Bueno put an end to 5 years of absence from the local stages. He will be back in December to continue his concerts.

Repertoire of success in various genres

The audience also enjoyed such views as “Wherever you went,” “Radio,” “I am dying for her,” “I want to hug you so much,” “I will never forget,” “I am a street person,” “Christmas without my mother, ”“ I want to meet you, ”“ Who curls your hair? ”,“ Lucia ”and“ Key. ” For lovers, he dedicated the bolero “Ojitos negros”, and for lovers of salsa he included the “Jardín forbido”.
They did not miss their famous hits in bachata “El hijo mío”, “Early Morning” and “Que Regreso”, which further aggravated the diversity of the repertoire, which marked its end to the “Hohe de Yema” rhythm.

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