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Actress Camila Hirana told about the sentimental future of "Rocio" in "Occult Truths"

The “Hidden Truths” TV Series has experienced episodes of strong exposure in recent times and The character who is most worried in the last chapters is Rocio.

Character who plays Camila Hirane Although he suffers from what is happening with Tomasito, he also has several suitors who want to support him.

But to figure out this dark panorama, the actress gave some details so that we could see the light that is approaching us in Hidden truths

"I think that, since Rocio lost Thomas, she entered the stage where he is no longer seeking loveshe is now looking for other things and to look like a man Do you want one that can give you stability, calm, safety and protection“He began to explain.

“Love is Thomas, but if this door was closed, it closed the opportunity. Now, This is a door that opens every time for any reason.but she is trying to close it, "he added.

The third participant in this story, Alonso, added: "It is not known what will happen to him, this is a mystery, because he has just arrived, but if she is interested in Rocio and Rocio, she will move to the apartment because she is sensitive, beautiful and has something that is identified with herthat always helps others. How are they in this motivation … but I do not know what will happen, "the actress sentenced.

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