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A special form of Alan Gonzalez singing in Pasapalabra

Blue team captain Pasapalabra, Alan GonzalezIt is characterized by a good voice and light during Music track Pasapalabra Not only because it is pleasant to listen to him, but also because his musical repertoire is quite wide.

However, he has a special way of interpreting songs. In fact, it was Fabrizio Copano who noticed this a few days ago and joked with Alan, causing the laughter of all the guests.

Even the same comedian later used this technique to try to hit the song (see note here).

That is why today, when the captain wanted to sing, he said that "a copo would be sent." when Julian elfenbein He asked what he meant, Gonzalez replied: "They sing a happy song, but in the singer-songwriter, the sad version",that caused an immediate laugh in studying the program.

You want to know this particular way. Alan Gonzalez play songs? Look at the next clip,

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