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A model that lists Quinteros

"My teams try to play accompanying football, protagonism in any situation, for example, local or guest." So he described in Third Own Gustavo Kinteros is a game idea, which the new club will try to take in a Catholic university.

As a coach, the Argentine nationalized Bolivian tried to translate him into the national teams of Bolivia, Ecuador and Emelek, among others. And success, more or less, is the truth that, at least, the actors, where he exhibited a personal seal of DT.

“Gustavo always starts his teams in order, there is no other. And in this order always try, and this is what he likes very much, play for groups. This is undoubtedly the prevailing idea, ”says German Korengia, a former assistant of Quinteros in the national team of Ecuador and the two Arab clubs he led.

In this sense, those who worked with him or studied his way of working, explain that their systems will preferably be similar to those used by San Jose, with a line of four defenders, two central midfielders with good ball handling, two Quick Flyers outside plus two "9", as he did in Ecuador. Or as well, we will use option 4-2-3-1, which at the moment of protection turns into 4-4-1-1.

Ronald Raldes, a former defender and led by Quinteros when choosing Bolivia, agrees that the strategist "likes that the teams to which he leads begin to arm themselves from the defender in advance with great order."

“There won't be so much difference with Benat, but he will have a little more options with the ball, with nuances in the attack and without much dependence on the individuality,” explains Francisco Perez, the INAF coach. He is currently engaged in the analysis of football using a tactical concept.

Experts agree that the new student coach is very concerned about defensive control, lags behind a lot and then focuses on the offensive. They also say that it is very important to have the right translators for the realization of the idea, with fast players who can go outside. “Gustavo suggests always thinking about an offensive; the whole idea is offensive. Try to play a lot on the opposite field, "Korengia adds.

Perez stresses that it will be vital to “find those outsiders who have to go all the way.” This is because on paper, what Kinteros likes to do is to constantly generate two against one, with fast players who support the breaks of the sides of the defensive line, to accompany the pointer or the outer shuttle, and thus qualify the arrival. In this sense, it seems important that the rest of the signatures meet these conditions for a good game on the street.

“Gustavo almost always tries to play equally, at home or away, against an opponent, big or small, ahead,” his former assistant explained.

As for the recovery of the ball, Raldes recalls that his former strategist liked, when he did not have the ball, “to press more or less in the middle of the court”, which is not going to run to the center of the opponent. "In general, we did it in the middle zone, and from there, when we recovered, we tried to unbalance."

Thus, Korengia identifies his former boss Benate San José: “San José may have varied depending on the opponent, or on whether he played at a party or at a local level. And Gustavo always wants to support this idea about what we talked about, the use of lanes, about not pushing, about the order of the rear. He will always do his best to make his idea triumph. ”

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