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90% of strokes can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle

Posted on 1/31/2009 4:25:06 PMCET


90% of stroke cases can be avoided with prevention and a healthy lifestyle, according to neurology specialists at the University Hospital Gran Canaria, a reference center in the province of Las Palmas for performing mechanical thrombectomy.

This prevention is undergoing correction and treatment of modifiable risk factors: hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, smoking, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and drug use, stress, and previous heart disease.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government, which adds that experts recalled that stroke is the second cause of death in Spain – the first among women – the first cause of disability acquired in adults and adults. second dementia.

Thus, stroke symptoms usually occur suddenly and unexpectedly, and although their typology depends on the area of ​​the brain that is affected, some of them are a sudden change in language with difficulty in communication or understanding; or a sudden loss of strength or sensation in a part of the body.

It also causes a sudden change in vision, such as loss of sight with one eye, double vision, or the inability to evaluate objects somewhere in our field of vision; sudden loss of coordination or balance; or the headache is very strong and different from other ordinary headaches.

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