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9 people arrested for selling Samsung curved screen technology

Samsung Galaxy Note9

South Korean prosecutors charged nine people and two companies for selling Samsung’s OLED display technology (which is used on the most popular Galaxy phones) to a company in China. Among the three arrested was the CEO of Samsung Toptec Co Ltd. Prosecutors say he and eight employees received about 12.13 million euros for filtering intellectual property (IP).

The group allegedly formed a ghost company, which received documents related to Samsung Display panels, a subsidiary of Samsung, and sold them along with the 3D lamination technology of a Chinese company, not yet identified. According to Reuters, Toptec sells automatic equipment for the manufacture of panels for phones, and the company denies any crime.

Prosecutors claim that Samsung has demanded six years, 38 engineers and 150 billion won (118 million euros at the current exchange rate) to develop filtered intellectual property, which South Korea views as national core technologies.

Samsung Display told Bloomberg in a statement that it was “shocked by the results of the investigation by prosecutors at a time when competitors are intensifying their technological rivalry.” Meanwhile, the company recently offered a first look at the upcoming folding OLED displays.

Trade secrets are very popular, as companies seek to gain an edge over their rivals, and it is more profitable to pay several million euros for bribes to access technology for several months instead of investing big money. years, resources and money to access this technology. (Https://

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