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4 HIV Prevention Tips

December 1st – World AIDS DayTherefore, gynecologist Evelyn Campos offers four tips to prevent infection.

Currently, more than 42 million people worldwide are infected with HIV. In 2016, about 1 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses. However, UNAIDS points out that in Latin America the growth of infected people has decreased to 17 percent.

In celebration of World AIDS Day, Dr. Evelyn Campos Zuniga, a gynecologist specializing in the Ricardo Palma Clinic, shares four tips for women to reduce the spread of HIV.

1. Use condoms: It is recommended to use a condom during sex, especially with sporadic partners.

2. Water soluble grease: In the case of using lubricants, it is preferable that they are soluble in water. Other presentations may damage or break the condom, exposing you to exposure.

3. Do not exchange or exchange needles: It is not recommended to use needles and syringes to avoid possible HIV infection, one of the ways of infection with this disease is blood.

4. Analysis for pregnant women: To avoid mother-to-newborn transmission of the virus, it is recommended that each pregnant woman be tested for HIV with the first control of her pregnancy. Finding it in time will allow the mother to begin adequate treatment, which reduces the likelihood of infecting her with a small one.

Finally, Dr. Campos recommends informing about prevention methods and periodically consulting with a gynecologist for the timely identification of potential health risks.

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