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12 free online courses you can apply for at Sence

National Training and Employment Service (Sence) are available 12 free online courses so people over 18 years old are trained in areas like entrepreneurship and information technology.

Those who want to apply must abide by following requirements:

  • Be a Chilean or a foreigner with a valid ID.
  • It is advisable to have a basic education or media in accordance with the desired course.

Courses are as follows:

1. The field of information technology

– Video Game Developer

– Basic calculations

– Developer of projects in the cloud

– Mobile applications

– Business analytics

Quotas for an introduction to programming and basic programming exhausted.

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2. Area of ​​entrepreneurship

– Social entrepreneurship

– Agile Methodology

– Digital Marketing

– Formulation and evaluation of projects

– Evaluation of business ideas

– Ideas for the development of your business

3. Skills of the 21st century

– Employment skills.

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On the one hand, all the courses that they have a limited number of places they must be started and completed within the time specified by the platform.

On the other hand, those who Membership restrictions will not be available until December 31. and the user will be able to do this when he finds it convenient.

How to apply?

Login through track and key Sens to the service site. If you do not have a password, you can register by this link.

Subsequently select area of ​​interest, search and then click "see course",

After reading the details, select and, as a result, you sign up if you meet the requirements.

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