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ZTE is considering a display cutout for speaker

The natural evolution of the cut is the hole for punching. All this can be explained by the pursuit of a smartphone that is full screen. Well, at least as close as possible to him. The bezels, as we know them, are a thing of the past, and we need to get used to smartphones that have cuts or holes in their displays in order to maximize screen real estate and the ratio of screen and body. Samsung and Huawei are competing directly, becoming the first manufacturer to announce a smartphone with a propeller hole for the camera on the display.

However, the holes in the display do not have to be completely connected to the camera. According to the recently filed ZTE patent, the phone manufacturer is considering the screen bay, which will accommodate the speaker. Thus, ZTE can eliminate the top frame and get closer to the screen of all smartphones. The drawings in the patent application do not show the front camera, which may mean that the phone either does not have one or it may be behind the screen, which even more captures and pushes the envelope.

It must be said that the usual advice for skepticism needs to be said: simply because there is a patent, this does not mean that we will see a commercially available product, such as this soon, if at all. However, this means that ZTE is considering this.

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