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Youtuber really shows wasteland fallout 3

Show YouTuber Sheza Boundary break it's always fun, but the latest episode is on Fallout 3 full of strange experiments with skyboxes, colors and trivia that go beyond the usual gaming experience. My favorite part is wasteland.

The episode goes through a lot of interesting things that you might expect from Boundary break episode. We find that the nuclear explosion, which you can see from afar, is a pseudo-three-dimensional texture, we get some information about the invisible matter of the main character, and we can look at the retro Tranquility Lane without a sepia filter.

But what I like most about this episode is how far the host Chezes takes us beyond the limits of the game map. The lonely world just goes a long way. This is a potential country where something can be, but there is still nothing, and the moderator notes that there is even longer part of the extension that was explicitly added to the game for testing. That's what I like about these games: landscapes, in which there is nothing, forever.

Anyway, the video is worth watching, if you like Fallout 3 or freelook cameras.

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