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Why was the grizzly attack? – Canada News

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A grizzly nurse specialist says that deadly attacks, such as that of a woman and her child in the Yukon, are unusual, and it is important to conduct a thorough investigation of what happened.

Coroner Yukon’s office said that Valerie Teoreth, who was 37 years old, and her 10-month-old baby, Adel Rochelch, died on Monday near Lake Einarson, near the border with the north-western territories.

The service said the call came around 3:45 pm. from the trap, Jermund Roesholt, who said he was blamed by a grizzly bear about 100 meters from the cabin that Roesholt shared with his wife and daughter.

He said he shot the bear dead before finding the bodies of his wife and child right behind the cabin.

Chris Serhain, who for 35 years was the coordinator of the restoration of a grizzly bear for the service of fish and wildlife in the United States, said that it was unusual to see the deadly attack of a grizzly bear.

"This is most sad, especially when it comes to women and children," he said in an interview with Missoula, Mont. “This is a very sad state of affairs – something that no one likes to see – and therefore it is important to understand what it is, what is happening here.

"It would be useful to try to understand why this happened, if it can be determined by carefully reconstructing the events."

“It could be an unexpected meeting, where, perhaps, they were walking around the cabin, and the bear came around the corner, and they surprised the bear from close range,” he said. “This may be the case when the bear was hungry and was looking for food in the cabin and, perhaps, was looking for something to eat. He could try to attack them and hunt them. Previously, such cases were in the past. ”

Sveveyen said investigators should also look at the state of the bear.

"Was he in poor condition?" Was he old? Did he have bad teeth? ”He said. "These things can give you information about the potential motivation of the bear."


Nature Canada has released a new report that says screen time has a serious negative impact on the health of children in Canada.

It says that the vast majority of Canadian children exceed the recommended screen time for their age, and 85 percent of children aged 5 to 17 years do not meet the recommendations for adequate sleep or physical activity.

The report is called “Screen Time vs. Green Time: The Health Impact of an Oversized Screen” and includes data from medical and scientific experts.

“We are seeing a tendency to reduce the amount of exercise children receive per day as a result of sedentary behavior associated with screen time,” said Dr. Mark Tremblay, director of the Healthy Active Life and Obesity Research Group at the CHEO Ottawa Research Institute and Professor University of Ottawa.

"The long-term effects of excessive screening time, prolonged sedentary behavior and physical inactivity include an increased risk of developing metabolic and cardiovascular diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and time in nature and outdoors is a slight antidote to these effects of modern life ", – he said.

Dr. Michael Cheng, a psychiatrist at CHEO, said he was concerned that because excessive screen time is associated with the development of anxiety and sleep disorders in children, he sees a surge in demand for mental health services in his practice. He prescribes nature to help in the epidemic.

“Families who spend good time together in nature will rediscover the most powerful anti-depressant by going out and connecting with each other,” said Cheng.

The report notes that time in nature has many positive health outcomes.

“When our parents told us to play outside, they actually give us great health advice,” said Jill Sterdy, NatureHood program manager at Nature Canada. “Unfortunately, the excessive use of the screen today not only deprives our children of memories playing on the street, it harms the health of our children.”

November 28, 2018 / 11:39 am | Story:

Canada Post employees were hired after more than five weeks of rotational strikes, but this does not prevent their brothers from collecting picket marks to support them and slowing down the mail again in the process.

Immediately after the federal government passed a law this week, intending to stop strikes by members of the Canadian Postal Workers Union, the union warned that other unions could act in response. And today they did it.

CUPW says several large unions in British Columbia have established picket lines at the Pacific processing center in Richmond.

The protesters said they would allow the workers to the site, which is the third largest postal sorting plant in the country, but trucks with mail will not be allowed or withdrawn.

CUPW National President Mike Palechek says that while its 50,000 members are banned from picketing, other union members do not face similar restrictions.

“What we see today in Vancouver is that instead of resolving our dispute with Canada, the Trudeau government chose to fight with difficulty,” said Palechek in a statement. “Trauma to one is trauma to all” is more than a slogan. ”

The union called the law on returning to work, Bill C-89, unconstitutional.

Legislation became law at the end of Monday, forcing postal workers back to work yesterday, when the arbitration process began, to try to resolve the difference in contracts between the Canada Post and its main union.

Crown said it is doing everything possible to get mail and parcels sorted in B.C. while pickets not affiliated with CUPW disrupted the movement of trucks.

"Canada Post is making every effort to minimize service disruptions and eliminate the situation."

The agency warned of significant delivery delays across the country during January as a result of rotational strikes by CUPW members, which began on October 22.


November 28, 2018 / 11:05 | Story:

Loved ones cried in a courtroom in Calgary when they heard the testimony of a retired one who said that he saw a little girl who got into the car with someone who looked like a man accused of killing her.

Edward Downey, 48, is accused of first-degree murder in the death of Sarah Bailey and her five-year-old daughter, Talia Marsman, in July 2016.

Douglas Jesson testified that he lived in the same area where the mother and daughter lived and were at home the day Bailey was found dead in her basement apartment.

Jesson said that he is looking at his side window and sees how a stocky black man walks with a dark-haired girl who seemed to be crying.

He said that the girl, with a suitcase and red and white pea raindrops, walked in front of a man with a white car in a sedan with tinted windows.

The trial has already heard that Bailey had a white Ford Fusion, and Downey would take the car of her then-girlfriend, who was a gray Dodge charge with dark windows.

November 28, 2018 / 10:15 | Story:

Judge Saskatchewan approved a committee recommendation on how to allocate $ 15.2 million. United States, raised in the campaign GoFundMe after the Humboldt bus crash Broncos.

Justice Neil Gabrielson agreed that families who lost a loved one as a result of the accident on April 6 should receive a payment of $ 525,000. He also accepted a recommendation of $ 475,000 for each of the 13 surviving players.

Both payments include an interim payment of $ 50,000 already approved in August.

The judge said he believes the committee was justified in his decision.

“This is a rare case when great generosity comes from a great tragedy,” said Gabrielson in a courtroom in Saskatoon on Wednesday. "That was the genesis of the money received."

The junior hockey team and semi bus collided in rustic Saskatchewan, and the Broncos headed to the playoffs. Sixteen people were killed and 13 players were injured.

The committee consisted of five people and based its recommendations on discussions with families over the past few months.

Jeff Lee, an attorney with the Broncos Humboldt Memorial Foundation, said the committee’s report was a deliberate, well-considered, and its recommendations supported by the analysis.

Some parents have suggested that the money will be divided equally.

Lee said that there is a big emotional difference between families who have lost someone and those who have not.

Lee called the difference in the amounts paid "modest".

November 28, 2018 / 10:11 | Story:

Alberta’s Prime Minister Rachel Notley says her government will buy its own cars to transport oil to the market.

She says her province wanted to cooperate with the federal government to buy them, but with Alberta oil prices at record lows, she cannot wait any longer.

While the pipeline plans are at a standstill, Notley wants to get other means to get the product from Alberta’s oil company to customers.

The deal must be completed within a few weeks, and Alberta expects two new train sets to mean that an additional 120,000 barrels of oil can be moved every day.

Notley says that the world price of oil is low, but Alberta suffers even more because the oil it produces is stuck far away from the refineries.

Notley is in Ottawa on Wednesday to try to push the federal government to move faster because Alberta’s problems are hurting Canada’s entire economy.

November 28, 2018 / 7:24 am | Story:

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal informs the federal government not to award a contract for the development of new warships for the navy.

Last month, the federal government announced that the US military giant Lockheed Martin beat two rivals in a competition to develop replacements for frigates and destroyers of the fleet.

Now Lockheed is negotiating a final contract with the government and Irving Shipbuilding Company based on Halifax, which will build ships.

But one of the other two bidders, Alion Science and Technology, asked the Canadian International Trade Tribunal to reverse the decision, stating that the design of Lockheed does not meet the stated requirements of the Navy and must be disqualified.

At the end of Tuesday, the tribunal officially ordered the government to postpone the award of a contract until the tribunal could determine whether Alion’s complaint was valid.

With a total cost of $ 60 billion, the warship project is the largest military procurement in Canadian history, and new vessels are expected to serve as the basis for the navy for most of the century.

November 28, 2018 / 7:00 | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with his colleagues from four other major federal parties today to talk about the French-speaking population of Canada.

Trudeau's daily itinerary says that he will meet with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, and Bloc Quebecus party leader Mario Beaulieu, Chairman of the Green Party, Elizabeth Singh, to discuss issues facing the Canadian Francophone.

The meeting comes after recent changes in the French-speaking services announced by the government of the progressive conservative movement of Ontario.

In its autumn economic renewal, the government of Prime Minister Doug Ford announced that it was canceling the planned construction of the university in French.

The province stated that it would also cancel the independent service commissioner office in French.

After widespread criticism, the position of the Commissioner for the French-speaking services was restored under the provincial ombudsman.

This morning, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to serving members of the French-speaking countries.

November 28, 2018 / 6:40 am | Story:

A well-known anti-poverty activist who created several books about the Great Depression, World War II, and post-war penance died in Ontario Eastern Hospital.

Harry Leslie Smith's son, who regularly publishes medical updates to his 250,000 Twitter followers, said the 95-year-old child died early Wednesday morning.

“At 3:39 this morning, my dad, Harry Leslie Smith, died. I'm an orphan, ”said his son John on Twitter. “I spent the last 8 years with Harry on his beautiful odyssey so as not to make my past our future. It was an honor to be his son and comrade. ”

Smith, who survived the Great Depression and fought in the British Air Force during World War II, was a life lawyer for the poor.

An online tribute was filed to him when he received treatment at the intensive care unit in Belleville, Ont, after his family said that he was suffering from a fall.

Among supporters, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, actress Mia Farrow and the leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, expressed their good wishes to the famous activist.

Smith's son said on Twitter that his father expressed his appreciation for the support he received.

“I told Harry before he plunged into a deep sleep about the anxiety worrying his Twitter, and he told me:“ Tell them I love each of them so much, ”wrote John on Twitter last week.

In response, Trudeau tweeted: “Harry's journey and courage inspired so much love and kindness on this site and in the real world. Thank you for taking us – we are pulling you. ”

Smith, who split his time living between England and Canada, has risen to online fame as partial to his progressive controversy rooted in personal struggle.

He was the son of a coal miner who described the 1920s in Britain as “barbaric” and “dark” time, in part because of the lack of medical care. His sister died of tuberculosis three times. He began working at the age of seven, performing manual labor at the brewery.

Smith's speech at the 2014 British Labor Conference on the challenges of living before the country's national health service shifted many to tears.

On Twitter, Corbin called Smith "one of the giants on whose shoulders we stand." Corbin brought a tribute to Smith in the British Parliament on Wednesday.

Former Labor Party leader Ed Miliband tweeted that Smith was “one of those who never hesitated in their fight for equality and justice. We must all carry his passion, optimism and spirit forward. ”

In several books and essays, Smith drew parallels between his own brushes of the global crises of the past and the current upheavals that affect the marginalized. He particularly criticized the elimination of social security systems, the injustice of uncontrolled capitalism, and the growing threat of nationalism.

“I am the oldest rebel in the world,” Smith told UNHCR Magazine in October. “I think we can do a lot if we give it our attention, and we should not leave anyone behind.”

November 28, 2018 / 4:04 am | Story:

Most Canadians can expect their mobile phones, televisions and radios to sound today as the Alert Ready system passes the second round of testing.

Provincial emergency management organizations will conduct simultaneous public alert tests throughout the country to ensure that people receive emergency warnings and can take measures to ensure safety.

It is assumed that test alerts will appear on updated and compatible mobile devices connected to an LTE wireless network at 1:55 pm. local time, with the exception of Quebec, where the test will be done in an hour.

This second test comes after the Manitoba Infrastructure Emergency Organization said that only 60 percent of wireless users received a warning in a system test in May.

Первый тест вообще не звучал в Квебеке из-за ошибки кодирования, которая, по словам системного оператора, была исправлена ​​в течение нескольких часов.

В Онтарио некоторые тестовые оповещения были услышаны и ощущались на мобильных устройствах, но многие абоненты беспроводной связи не получали никаких сигналов.

CRTC требует, чтобы 50 процентов беспроводных устройств, продаваемых в Канаде, были совместимы с Alert Ready, но коэффициент охвата должен увеличиваться после апреля, когда совместимость будет требовать на всех устройствах для продажи.

27 ноября 2018 г. / 21:38 | История:

Монреальский подросток, который утонул во время классной гимназии в средней школе, провел 38 минут в нижней части бассейна, и никто не заметил, что расследование коронера обнаружено.

Доклад доктора Луи Нормандина о смерти в феврале прошлого года от Благословения Клода Мукоко показывает тревогу отсутствия надзора.

«Благословение Клода Мукоко оставалось один на дне бассейна … и это, потому что не было спасателя, в основном посвященного их функции», – написал Нормандин в опубликованном в среду докладе.

Как и многие из 19 учеников Ecole Pere-Marquette в классе, 14-летний Мукоко просто учился плавать. Он принимал участие в своем третьем классе плавания в рамках школьного тренажерного зала утром 15 февраля. В последний раз его видели, как он пытался сделать ползание, и никто не заметил отсутствия ученика класса 8, когда класс покинул пул палубы ,

Только когда пришел второй класс, они увидели, что они думали, что это манекен на дне муниципального пула, который находится рядом со школой в районе Розмонт города.

Коронер описал видео безопасности в бассейне с того утра как тревожное. «Люди ходят по палубе бассейна, вода спокойная, настолько спокойная, у них создается впечатление, что студенты второго курса – что они видят манекен в нижней части бассейна», – сказал он на пресс-конференции ,

«Спасатель понимает, погружается, призывает к помощи».

Нормандин рекомендовал, чтобы любой учитель гимнастики, дающий уроки по плаванию, проходил подготовку, необходимую провинции, и что спасатель обеспечивает полный дневной надзор во время всех курсов.

Если невозможно обучить одного человека и другие часы, Нормандин рекомендовал, чтобы уроки школьного плавания были приостановлены.

«В этой истории никто не болел, – сказал Нормандин. «Тем не менее, курс плавания, на мой взгляд, должен предоставляться теми, кто считается компетентным».

Коронер обнаружил, что учитель – заменитель в тот день – не имел подготовки, требуемой провинцией. В результате спасатель помогал учить, а не был на стуле, чтобы следить за учениками в бассейне.

В своем первом классе Мукоко не рисковал вглубь. Его друзья позже рассказали властям, что он изо всех сил пытался остаться на плаву, передохнув и часто хватаясь за бассейн.

Нормандин сказал, что видео подтвердило его неспособность плавать. «Нестабильность ситуации, когда он достигает глубокой части бассейна, очевиден», – писал Нормандин.

Нормандин сказал, что безопасность воды, а не приобретение технических навыков плавания, должна быть основной целью занятий плаванием в школах.

Он рекомендовал, чтобы провинция интегрировала программу Swim to Survive Lifesaving Society в учебную программу – базовое обучение, которое учит людей, что делать в случае неожиданного падения в глубокую воду.

Рейнальд Хокинс, исполнительный директор Общества спасения жизни в Квебеке, приветствовал эту рекомендацию.

«Это оценка, поэтому, когда они следуют программе обучения плаванию, у детей есть минимальные навыки и требования, если они отправятся на глубокую сторону бассейна», – сказал Хокинс.

Школьный совет сказал в заявлении, что он признает рекомендации коронера и будет принимать необходимые меры.

«Наш долг – сделать все возможное, чтобы укрепить нашу практику, чтобы предотвратить повторение подобных событий», – сказала председатель комиссии лондонской церкви Монреаль Кэтрин Харель Бурдон.

В Квебеке Изабель Шарест, младший министр образования, сказала, что слишком рано начинать отменять занятия по плаванию.

«Я не думаю, что нам нужно приостановить курсы. Мы можем начать работать, не останавливая все, – сказал Чарест, назвав смерть чрезвычайно трагичной.

27 ноября 2018 года / 9:28 вечера | История:

Руководитель Первой нации говорит, что предлагаемое законодательство Саскачевана, которое требовало бы, чтобы люди получили разрешение, прежде чем отправиться на частную землю, может привести к столкновениям и даже смерти.

Начальник Бобби Кэмерон с Федерацией суверенных коренных народов сказал, что во вторник на земле Кавакадосея был обнаружен человек. Кэмерон сказала, что мужчине сказали, что у него нет разрешения на охоту там и его сопровождают. Но это не всегда так просто, сказал начальник.

«Если бы все было наоборот, я не знаю, был бы такой фермер или этот пациент».

Предложенные изменения в законах о нарушении правил были введены во вторник, более двух лет после того, как Колтен Буши, 22-летний коренной народ, был убит на ферме в сельском Саскачеване.

Ранее в этом году суд присяжных оправдал фермера Джеральда Стэнли от убийства второй степени после того, как он показал, что его оружие случайно удалилось, когда он пытался отпугнуть некоторых молодых людей, которые въехали в его собственность.

«Мы надеемся, что больше нет трагедий, мы действительно надеемся», – сказал Кэмерон. «Но если они это сделают, это провинциальное правительство должно также сказать, что мы будем нести ответственность, если кто-то умрет из-за этого закона о нарушении».

Министр юстиции Дон Морган сказал, что предлагаемый закон уравновешивает права сельских землевладельцев и общественности. Законодательство обеспечит правовую защиту помещиков от имущественного ущерба, причиненного нарушителем.

Недавний опрос, опубликованный в провинции, показал, что 65 процентов респондентов заявили, что люди должны попросить землевладельцев получить разрешение до того, как они отправятся на частную землю.

«Наша цель … защищать землевладельцев, не обязательно защищая права тех, кто хочет попасть на землю», – сказал Морган в Регине.

Он сказал, что законодательство поставит сельские земли наравне с городской землей, где владельцам не нужно доказывать, что собственность была ограждена или отмечена. Невозможно найти кого-то, не может быть оправданием, чтобы отправиться на землю без разрешения, добавил он.

«Я надеюсь, что землевладельцы примут разумную позицию и станут доступны», – сказал Морган.

Кэмерон сказала, что, к сожалению, провинция не консультировалась с Федерацией суверенных коренных народов и решила основывать предлагаемые изменения на результатах опроса.

Он предсказал, что предложение, если оно будет принято, создаст головные боли, потому что земли и нации первой нации используются не-коренными народами.

«Вы хотите сказать мне, что каждый фермер, фермер и земледелец должен каждый раз называть начальником и советом, чтобы прийти на земли?» – сказала Кэмерон.

«Это громоздко. Есть лучший способ ведения бизнеса».

Критик оппозиции НДП Трент Уотерспун сказал, что предлагаемое законодательство нецелесообразно и не затрагивает преступность в сельских районах.

«Вносить изменения, которые оказывают влияние, не проявляя добросовестности (с) Коренные народы, традиционные землепользователи на этом фронте, позорны», – сказал он.

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