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What does the Marvel / Sony Spider-Man offer for games mean (or don't)

Time couldn’t be much worse for fans of Spider-Man. very the next day after Sony proudly announced the acquisition of a decorated studio and longtime employee at Insomniac Games, creators of the award-winning PlayStation 4 exclusive PlayStation 4 from Marvel Spider-Man

and Spider-man: away from home was Sony Pictures The highest-grossing film in history, news surfaced from Hollywood that Disney and Sony Pictures could not agree to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. Although there are precautions to prevent the suffering of the Insomniac series, there are still a few reasons for concern. Signing an Insomniac subscription by an agent at Sony Interactive Entertainment, a free agency, is likely to give a green light to at least two more Spider-Man games, if not more. The gem led by Brian Intihar in 2018 quickly became Sony's best-selling exclusive PlayStation exclusive game console in history – a truly laudable achievement, given the company's impressive resume. But some of these good vibrations of the honeymoon period came off the Thanos from the PlayStation and Insomniac at a time when Sony and Disney didn't play well. Although the Insomnia game is not part of the MCU itself – the costumes from films that could be unlocked / downloaded were as close as the films and the game approached the transition – and should not directly But despite the quarrels between the movie studios, this is lousy news for Insomniac and the classic case when it rolls down the hill.

Fans, frustrated by the frequent (and less than surprising) reboots of their beloved teenage superhero, showed a serious love for the incarnation of Tom Holland's web slinger – who finally integrated the friendly slider neighbor into the MCU – with all my heart and wallets pushing both Homecoming and and Far From Home to mass transportation at the box office. Not to mention the fact that the relationship between father and son between Tony Stark and Peter Parker was one of the most truly emotional and heartbreaking storylines in the last two Avengers films. The fact is that no matter what Sony does next with Spider-Man, it will face a difficult PR battle from the springboard, if not for the disappointment of the fans with the turn of events this week, then, of course, for Sony’s own spotty track. record with a superhero.

Of course, even if Sony pulls Spider-Man 3 in its next individual attempt, in terms of quality, it will almost certainly make a lot of money. And that’s all that the studio cares, after all, as this lack of deal with Disney coldly reminds us all. These are multimillionaires – individually and as corporations – arguing about becoming even richer.

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Above: A whole new gameplay from Marvel's Avengers prologue from Crystal Dynamics developer.

This anti-Sony anger could cast a shadow over all of Spider-Man's things, including the inevitable continuation of Insomnia. In fact, some fans already say they will miss the next game – and maybe PS5 in general. Whether they are or not – or in any significant numbers – remains to be seen. But, thinking less emotionally and more calmly in a businesslike way, that if Sony Pictures decides to create its own Spidey-verse and decides to use the PlayStation unit to help with this, breaking down non-MCU stories, characters, actors, etc. in their films . – thus, creatively affect insomnia potentially negatively?

Although I cannot imagine that the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshid, would ever allow this, although he is responsible (in his historical history there is nothing that could suggest that he will ever be), nonetheless , this opportunity is now much stronger than last time. a week. Sony seeks to prove that it knows best about the Spider-Man franchise without the participation of Marvel Studios, and it makes sense to use all the tools available in its arsenal to realize this vision. Remember, however, that Sony does not have full control of Spider-Man in video games; Marvel Games does this (see: Spidey in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3). If Sony somehow messed up its efforts on the PlayStation, Marvel might just buy it elsewhere. This would already be a bad scenario for gamers (because we would have more bad Spider-Man games), but it would also bring us back to sleep, to insomnia.

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Above: our Insomniac Spider-Man review of PS4 for September 2018.

Most likely, with Insomniac & # 39; s Spider-Man 2 everything will be fine. Probably, now the project is at an early stage of development, perhaps the release in the fall of 2009 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 (I just guess here) in the fall of 2021. This is long enough – enough to make anger disappear, cooler than your head to win, and maybe even enough time for Disney and Sony to return to the negotiating table and finally make a deal. Movie Spider-Man may or may not be in good hands with Sony's solo future movie, but the Spidey video game is absolutely in Sony's good hands, while the Insomniac remains in control.Ryan McCaffrey is IGN Executive Editor at Previews. Follow him on Twitter on @DMC_Ryancatch him on Unlocked and drop him Taylor Ham sandwiches from New Jersey whenever possible.

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