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What do we know 10 games in the 2018-19 season NBA, what's left?

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This season, the Los Angeles Lakers from the very beginning reached a rough start, which many had predicted, given that the refy registry was faced with the problem of opponents who were in the playoffs. But the improvement in defense led to a turn, and now the team of 11-9 comes into play on Thursday.

Lakers head coach Luke Walton assesses the team in 10-game increments and is pleased with how his group progressed from the start. Although, Walton noted that while the Lakers' defense rose, their pace and wrongdoing suffered, and then the balance.

Over the course of 20 games this season, below is shown what is visible with the Lakers roster and what remains to be a question mark.

LeBron still LeBron

Sixteen years ago, and LeBron James is still there. James leads the team with points (27.6), selection (7.9), helps (6.7) and steals (1.4). He shoots more than 37 percent of three, not to mention explosions for record nights.

Aggressive Ball – the best ball

Ask any of his teammates or coaches about Lonzo Ball, and they will tell you how much he can influence the game …. As long as he is aggressive. In year 2, the ball swells and shows signs of growing confidence.

He shoots out of three with less fluctuation and 35 percent accuracy. His growing statement, which includes more drives to the basket, will be the key to keeping the Lakers offensively in full throttle.

JaVale McGee – percussion player

How did Javal McGee look like the oldest big man for the Lakers after two seasons, where he averaged nine minutes per game? Twenty games at McGee average 24 minutes, 12.7 points, 6.3 rebounds and 2.9 blocks (!!) per game.

McGee made himself an excellent presence for the Lakers down.

The team can take better care of basketball

In the past two weeks, liquidity issues have intensified with Rajon Rondo. In an effort to keep pace, the passing becomes flingy, sloppy, and sometimes redundant.

Cough ball means not only missed opportunities for an offense, but also light buckets for opponents. On average, teams scored 18.5 points from the Lakers turns. Currently, they occupy the 21st place in the turnover for the game and have only two games with one-digit turns.

Evaluation is not a problem.

Lakers found ways to commit a crime. They spent the first 20 games in the top 10 league with glasses per game. The problem is not to let their opponents score more points.

LeBronZo can work

A low ball style demonstrated the ability to coexist with James. Two high-intelligence playmakers coordinated a lot of great decent moments. As part of five people who played for more than 20 minutes together, the two with the highest rating of the offensive attack are both James and Ball.

Rajon Rondo is non-toxic

Rondo has some reputation baggage when it comes to his room in the locker room. But a quarter of the way in a season in Los Angeles and the biggest drama he moved is about the battle with Chris Paul. Nothing internal.

If you watch Rondo during games, whether in heaps or on the floor, he constantly talks and trains his teammates. Even with a broken arm, the veteran guard was on the court according to the Lakers' methods, working with his team.

West wild

This is crazy here! Nearly a quarter of the Clippers mark is sitting at the Western Conference, and the Houston rockets are the 14th. This jam, packed among the standings, and the Lakers are currently hovering in seventh place. Every game matters and we love it.

Front office Lakers will take action

Meeting in early November in Johnson's major with Luke Walton to the acquisition of Tyson Chandler, there is evidence that this front office wants to win and win now. If the Lakers continues to soar around 500 by December, it would be no surprise to see that this is a registry change by February.

As for the fact that we still do not know about the Lakers …

How can a patient be LeBron James?

A record of 11-9 is the worst start that James spent in the 2007 season. Remember that on October 29 he warned: "You do not want to be near me when I lose my patience." After this loss in Minnesota and a 2-5 start, the Lakers won nine of their next 11 games.

But after two ugly losses (at home with Orlando magic and a blowout in Denver), the Lakers returned to inconsistencies in defense and trafficking issues. What will be the momentum in December and how much can it be king?

Who is the second guy on the team?

This season there were five games in which James did not lead the team into a blocking: Kyle Kuzma (3), Brandon Ingram (1), Lance Stevenson (1). The second two leading scorers are Kuzma (16.7 points per game) and Ingram (15.7).

Not to mention the fact that we have yet to see Laker, except LeBron, in the clutch.

Can Brandon Ingram play with LeBron?

This is frustrating because Ingram was wound up like the young man who would benefit most from playing with James. Unfortunately, statistics says otherwise. James and Ingram played 417 minutes together. According to ESPN, when James is on the court, Ingram scores 15.1 points in 36 minutes when shooting at 44.1 percent.

When James is off, these numbers jump by 29.5 to 56% from the field. The development of Ingram is more important than one. Can the general choice in 2016 №2 thrive in tandem with the king? If not, will it develop enough to become a significant commodity to pull out another superstar?

Can anyone move safely (except James)?

Dates to remember: December 15, when front offices can officially trade in guys who have changed teams as free agents this summer. In addition, February 7 is the trading deadline.

President Lakers’s aggressive maneuvering in basketball operations Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelink in the past have suggested that this list might not look the same as February 8th.

Will keep pace?

The Lakers are currently ranked second in the league with fast scoring points per game, and they are fifth in pace (103.93). The squad wants to play fast, but what is the reality with senior James in the mix, who masterfully understands his half-court crime?

Will this track team maintain its speed or will this dizzying pace slow down as the season shreds?

Can this fast pace complement strong protection?

How does the Lakers look at blocking the defensive end, will it affect how they want to play at the other end of the trial? Can a great defensive rating accompany a high abusive flight?

Are there bandages here?

You are welcome? Put in the praying hands emoji.

Hopeless throws run?

This team fought for the charity strip through the first 20 games. The Lakers are the bottom five in free-throw shooting (71.5) and free throws per game (16.2). Not to mention that in the overall landscape of the league the team does not make a lot of hay on the line.

Lakers takes the 25th place in the total percentage of points scored by free throws (14.3%).

Can the Lakers get more stable products from their pews?

Early suspensions, Rondo's injury, and the new registry did not create the ideal opportunity for sequential chemistry engineering. Previously, but the Lakers bench is the bottom of 10 points per game (33.7), so what can Walton do to maximize production when James is not on the court?

Where is Lavar Shar?

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