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Video Game Releases: Artifact, Parkitect, Nairi – Tech News

Although adventure is adventure Darksiders III can not escape the legacy of their predecessors, the game with a digital card Artifact makes a big splash, well received theme park designer Parkitect sets his stall and Nairi: Tower Width wanders bye Trip 3 offers 30 lanes for motorcycles and Paul kids breakdance battle on ps4 and xbox one.

Darksiders III
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows from November 27th

Debut franchise of 2010 Darksiders was welcomed as a great rethinking of the classic series The Legend of Zelda, although subsequent entries struggled to comply with the same high watermark. This third entry does not have “War or Death,” but “The Teacher of the Apocalypse,” “Rage,” as the lead character trying to prevent the end of the world.

Paul kids
For PS4, XBO from November 27

Let the battle begin and create a loyal team with skillful and pleasant crowds of dance moves and transitions in this game for one or two players. DJ Kid Koala provides OST. Well received on his early PCs and the Nintendo Switch debuts.

For WinPC, Mac, Linux from November 28th. Mobile editions in development.

Who said Valve doesn't make games? Well-known developer Half life, Portal and Dota 2, and the Steam PC platform operator, returns with an expansion of the digital card game to Dotaverse, which has two players controlling three card battles at the same time. Packs of additional cards can be purchased through the game client or the Steam store.

Nairi: Tower Width
For WinPC and Nintendo Switch from November 29th

Drive through the oasis city of Shirin, meeting its animals, solving puzzles and searching for the truth behind your mysterious tower. Inspired Last airbender, Toy story and Spirited Away,

For WinPC, Mac, Linux from November 29th

Create and manage a fully functioning theme park, including the novelty of the sim-genre, vital personnel and intermediate areas that must remain hidden from view. Already very well received during the two-year phase of rapid development of early access.

Trip 3
For PS4, XBO, WinPC from November 30

About 230 motorcycles (70 of which are new to Trip series,) 30 GP, road and supermoto tracks, race-based career mode and livery editor are replete with this improvement in the franchise formula.

In addition, this week's clutch in the re-release of the Nintendo Switch includes the task of collecting resources at dinoland ARK: survival evolved, the experience of citizens of wartime This war is minestylized racer Horizon chase turboserene marine explorer Abzuforest adventures First tree and feline lifestyle sim Cattails– AFP Relaxnews

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