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Valve's first new game in years, artifact, now

Valve, the developer of iconic franchises such as Team Fortress, Portal and Half-Life, released its first full game in five years. Artifact is CCG, which is now available on a PC for $ 20 / $ 16 / AU $ 28. To celebrate the launch of Artifact, which will be released on iOS and Android in 2019, Valve also released a new trailer that you can watch above.

The artifact is conceptually based on Dota 2, another title from Valve. In the game, players collide with each other on three separate game boards – like Dota 2 tracks, and victory is given to those who successfully go to the side of the enemy and either destroy two of the three enemy towers or defeat the Ancient One, which appears after the destruction of one tower.

Each player has a deck of 40 cards, five of which are heroes. Currently 40 different heroes are available, which allows players to start with different strategies. The remaining 35 cards in the player’s deck are the hero’s abilities and items divided into four different color themes: red, green, black, and blue, depending on their unique effects on the board.

Artifact developed by Richard Garfield, who previously created the extremely popular card game Magic: The Gathering. A full review of the new GameSpot title is on its way, but in the meantime check out some Artifact beta games.

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