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Twitch streamers react angrily to ninja advertisements that appear on their TV shows.

When you're a tape drive, you probably shouldn't advertise another tape drive. Although this is a normal rule, when it comes to competition in a crowded game streaming space, it seems that Twitch does not give people a choice. Ninja New Year event advertisements were shown in other people's streams, such as Dr. DisRespect. It is safe to assume that this did not go well, and the popular personality and other streamers called on Twitch to promote a competitor on their channels.

According to Variety's report, streamer Lance Aurion said: “I work hard for every viewer I don’t get, and sometimes not even in the top ten, how will I grow if people watch ninja instead of my stream because of advertising? Guess it, Tweet. The reactions of others were very similar.

Although the Ninja is not to blame for the fact that Twitch advertised its competing channel live on other streamers, its unresolved answer did not bring them any benefit. Variety managed to take a screen shot of the Ninja message: “This event will be broadcast to millions of people and will continue to be broadcast on Twitch, which, in turn, allows other streamers to attract more viewers. What don't you like? Or is it just because it's me? Instead of asking Twitch to respect the wishes of his other customers, he meant that people simply did not like him, so they complained.

We hope that Twitch will bring an official apology, because no streamer should promote competition. Ninja brings Twitch a big income, but this does not mean that the company can do whatever it wants with other customers. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn more or receive an update.

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