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TransCanada sells a block of shares – BC News

Hildreth lives in Kvesnel and sculpts ogopogo after the last snow dump last week.

"She calls it" Snow-ass. " "This is a really good thing done in her backyard," girlfriend Michelle Knights said.

The snow sculpture was in fashion this past January, when Michelangelo’s sidewalk appeared on the streets of Kelowna last week.

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January 29, 2019 / 9:12 | Story:

The oldest elder of the northern era. The first nation and one of the few speakers of its language died.

Indigenous students, colleagues and leaders remember Mary Gucci for her efforts to keep the language alive.

Gouchie was only a few weeks before her 98th birthday, when she died on Thursday, and the flags in the mayor's office of Prince George and the College of New Caledonia were dropped in her honor.

The elder Lheidli T & # 39; enneh was a teacher and curator of the Lheidli dialect, and was best known as the driving force of the courses offered at the Carrier language college.

Colleague teacher Marlene Erickson says that Gusha's ideas about the course curriculum and revitalizing the language were immeasurable.

Terry Tigi, Regional Head for B.S. The Assembly of First Nations calls Guchi's death a huge loss, because only a small part of the Lidley speakers are left.

He says that she will be honored for her work in maintaining the language.

“It speaks of the importance of preserving the language in order to move on to the next generation, and she left this legacy. That is why it is so important to remember Mary today, ”said Tigi.

Erickson said that Guchi devoted himself to developing educational materials to support the new generation of Carrier carriers, and her contribution was invaluable.

“The curriculum itself required long hours for Mary to sit, translate and write, and simply document the language,” said Erickson.

The funeral of Gusha will be held on Saturday in Prince George.

| Story:

TransCanada Corp. states that she hired RBC to help her sell up to 75% of the shares in the construction project of the Coastal GasLink gas pipeline designed to supply natural gas from the northeast B.C. to the LNG plant in Canada on the west coast at Kitimat.

The company, based in Calgary, says it intends to announce in November its intention to reduce its share in the project to build a gas pipeline with a diameter of 670 kilometers, a diameter of 48 inches, to 25-49 percent.

RBC news is contained in the 16-page TransCanada response to the challenge, which is currently being considered by the National Energy Council regarding jurisdiction B.C. provincial gas pipeline regulator.

BC. Resident Mike Sawyer claims that since TransCanada will operate the pipeline and the connected Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. system. together, they form a single pipeline that crosses Albert-B.C. borders and, therefore, should be regulated by the federal government.

TransCanada’s answer is that the goal of Coastal GasLink is to move natural gas entirely within the province, and therefore appropriate provincial approvals are necessary.

The pipeline has support agreements with 20 selected indigenous communities on its route, but hereditary leaders of the clans, who claim that they have not given permission for its construction, strongly oppose it.

If the approval of the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission is insufficient, the initiator will have to submit a formal application to NEB and go through another separate process to get approval from the federal government.


Overcrowding at Abbotsford Regional Hospital forces patients to spend days on gurneys in the hallways.

John "Jack" Cook spent four days in the corridor in front of the nursing unit, and then moved.

“They are overwhelmed and he does not receive the necessary medical care,” his son Dan told CTV News. "He has no dignity lying there in the corridor."

“How are we talking to him?” How are we sitting with him? … We simply do not have the opportunity to attend it properly. "

Medical Director Dr. Michael Newton admitted the situation, stating in his statement: “Last week was a particularly busy time in the hospital, and despite all our efforts, there were just a lot of people who had to be in the hospital to receive this level of care ".

He told CTV that the hospital is working to manage patient congestion.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

It was like a hole in the sky, or maybe something from a science fiction movie.

The fall of the band or "hole punch" cloud was seen from B.C. Coast on Monday.

CTV News reports that unusual phenomena occur when water droplets are “supercooled”, as a result of which the round part of the cloud cover turns into ice crystals and falls as precipitation.

“They are impressive because in the sky you suddenly see a rather large geometric shape,” explained Environment Canada meteorologist Armell Castellan to CTV.

Striking holes were seen above Victoria, Nanaimo and the Fraser Valley.

But do not worry – aliens do not invade.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

January 29, 2019 / 5:20 | Story:

The case of the chief executive officer of the Chinese technical company Huawei Technologies is scheduled to be brought back to court in Vancouver today.

The US Department of Justice presented its case against Meng Wanzhou and Huawei on Monday, exposing 13 criminal charges of conspiracy, fraud and obstruction.

The charge, based on 23 grand jury statements, accuses Huawei and Meng of misrepresenting their ownership of a subsidiary in Hong Kong between 2007 and 2017 in an attempt to circumvent US sanctions against Iran.

A branch of the company in the United States is also accused of stealing commercial secrets and equipment from the mobile operator T-Mobile USA.

Maine, who is the company's CFO and the daughter of its founder, is accused of banking fraud, electronic fraud and two conspiracy counts to commit both actions.

She was released on bail in Vancouver after her arrest on December 1 on behalf of the US authorities, who, according to Canadian officials, have already filed a formal request for the extradition of Maine.

Huawei called on Washington to stop what it called the “unreasonable suppression” of the company, and today China called on Washington to withdraw its request for the extradition of Maine from Canada.

The arrest of Maine caused a political furor, marked by the days of angry anti-Canadian rhetoric on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, which culminated in Sunday in the dismissal of John McCallum as ambassador of Canada in China.

McCallum, a former longtime liberal deputy and cabinet minister, has publicly expressed his confidence in the Maine case against any US extradition order.

The fundraising campaign from the RV Dealer Group will help rebuild the fire hall on Lake Moon, destroyed by a fire on Elephant Mountain in 2017.

Fraserway RV allocates $ 275,000 to replace the hall, one of more than 60 structures that were burned in a devastating fire.

Representative offices of the Adventurer Group have launched a campaign to rebuild communities affected by fire. With an initial goal of 500,000 dollars, the campaign raised a total of 670,000 dollars.

The funds were raised by donating $ 1,500 from each RV sold in B.C. and $ 750 of those sold at its seven dealerships outside the province, 10 percent for parts and rentals, as well as donations from more than 800 employees.

“We are pleased to be a small part of the recovery initiative,” said campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henschell.

In addition to the Lune Lake Fire Hall, funds are allocated to community food banks, a Samaritan wallet, the Canadian Red Cross, a breakfast program in Clearwater and Barrier, and $ 20,000 for funds raised to replace the fire engine in Cash Creek .

$ 80,000 has yet to be allocated, and e-mail is recommended for affected communities. [email protected] for the application.

UPDATE: 4:35 pm

Police say the death of a woman in Saanich Park is suspicious, according to CTV News.

The body was found on a bench in Rutledge Park around 8:30 in the morning.

The scene was behind the police tape until the morning.

A middle-aged woman has not yet been identified.

ORIGINAL: 10:45 am

On Monday morning, the body of a woman was found in Saanich Park.

CTV News reports that police cordoned off part of Rutledge Park during the investigation.

The cause of death remains to be determined, and the identity of the woman is unknown.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

UPDATE: 3:30 pm

The Transport Safety Board sends a group of investigators to the port of Vancouver after dropping a large crane onto a loaded container ship.

A security council statement said that the Ever Summit hit the gantry crane while it was stationary, and the ship and crane were damaged.

An independent agency deals with issues of transport security and states that it does not establish guilt or does not establish civil or criminal liability.

A spokesman for Global Container Terminals Vanterm says the ship arrived at the pier early on Monday morning when it came into contact with a ship-to-shore crane used to load containers onto ships and stopped working in the same dock at a busy port.

– Canadian press

UPDATE: 11:25

A large crane used to load containers onto ships in the port of Vancouver crashed onto a loaded container ship, stopping operations at the same dock of a busy port.

A spokesman for Global Container Terminals Vanterm said the ship was approaching the pier early Monday morning when it came into contact with a ship-to-shore crane at the pier.

The ship, indicated on the maritime web site as the 300-meter Ever Summit, does not look damaged, but shots from the scene show a crane boom draped across the ship, as well as several broken containers laid at the stern of the ship.

The stairs and aisles at the top of the crane were cut off from their mounts, and the large tubular “arm” was folded like an elbow, but a spokesman for the institution, Luanna Wong, said no one was hurt.

In a press release, Wong reports that the damage assessment continues, and two tugs keep the ship at berth to ensure that it does not move, which could lead to further damage.

She says that the ship’s operations were closed, and an exclusion zone was created to control the scene.

– Canadian press

UPDATE: 10:36 AM

The container terminal at the port of Vancouver was closed after the crane collapsed.

CTV News reports that the crane partially crushed several containers, and its boom was bent and deformed.

Crews react to the scene on board the Panamanian Ever Summit cargo ship, both from land and from water.


The crane fell on a container ship in the port of Vancouver.

It is not yet known whether anyone was injured in the incident, but the pictures from CTV Chopper 9 show a tangle of mint of steel at the scene.

More information ahead.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

January 28, 2019 / 1:36 PM | Story:

Prime Minister John Horgan says that in a recent report alleging abuse of expenses by the clerk and sergeant, there is concern about a broader culture of “rights” in the legislature, but he may not do much as a prime minister.

Horgan said that the speaker and the management committee are responsible for the legislative power, and as prime minister he is the head of government. According to him, all that the government can do is adopt a law to strengthen supervision.

“I appreciate it sounds strange, but it is,” he told reporters on Monday.

“I raised these questions five, six years ago, when I was in the Committee for the Management of the Legislative Assembly. I said, “Why are these two guys discharged? Why are they not covered by any supervision that anyone else has? "

A committee headed by the Speaker and consisting of three leaders of the chamber and other members of the legislature is responsible for the financial record of the legislature.

Speaker Darryl Pleklas published a report last week that alleged clerk Craig James and Sergeant Gary Lenz are spending too much on trips, buying personal belongings at the expense of taxpayers, and illegally appropriating alcohol and equipment.

James and Lenz were placed on administrative leave in November during an ongoing police investigation. Both men deny any wrongdoing and argue that the charges are not true.

The new Democrat Horgan said that the previous liberal government had ignored the fears that he had expressed in the committee. He said that the accusations in the Plecas report "absolutely" raise concerns about the culture of the legislature.

When James was appointed clerk, the opposition PDP voted against because there was no process and no competition, Horgan said. Liberals had previously "arbitrarily" installed James as the main voter, he added.

“This is a big deal, and we raised it at that time, but the liberals were in the government,” he said. "It is they who should answer these questions, not me."

The leader of the liberals, Andrew Wilkinson, said that the meeting of liberals wants the situation corrected, but Horgan is looking for the guilty. Horgan was prime minister over the past 18 months, while alleged improper spending has occurred, he noted in a telephone interview.

Wilkinson contested the allegation that Horgan had expressed concerns to the steering committee several years ago.

“He did not say anything about expenses. Now he is a little rich, ”he said.

In response to Horgan’s comment that he had little influence on the legislature, Wilkinson said that members of the NPD’s legislature, including the leader of the House of Representatives, Mike Farnworth, supervise the management committee.

“John Horgan is directly responsible for the events of the past 18 months, and he was on the management committee when things went down seven, eight years ago. It is he who should be responsible for this. "

Wilkinson called for the immediate publication of all legislative expenses online, the ban on travel abroad, if it was not approved by the national committee that manages the finances of the legislature for six weeks, and the revision of accounting procedures by the general auditor.

January 28, 2019 / 13:35 | Story:

A B.C. The judge of the Supreme Court sentenced Harry Handlen to life imprisonment, calling him a sexual predator that preys on the vulnerable and the weak, committing barbaric crimes.

Handleen was convicted by a jury earlier this month for first-degree murder of Monica Jack, who disappeared while riding a bicycle on May 6, 1978.

The sentence for first-degree murder entails an automatic life sentence of 25 years without the right to parole, although Judge Austen Cullen noted that Handlean has the right to apply for parole after 15 years using the so-called weak hope clause, since he killed the girl before the law was eliminated.

Jack Debbie's cousin John said at the hearing that she had suffered enormous guilt for killing Jack, because it was she who suggested that they ride bicycles to Merritt on the day Jack disappeared.

John says that people in the inner community searched for rivers and mountains for signs of a happy girl and continued to hope that they would find her.

Court Handlen heard that he grabbed Jack from the highway exit, threw her bike into the lake, and then threw her body on the side of a hill, where some of her remains were found 17 years later.

January 28, 2019 / 12:42 | Story:

Members of the First Nation Wet & suwet & # 39; en claim that this weekend the company is trying to build a natural gas pipeline through its territory "deliberately, illegally and forcibly destroyed" cultural and private property.

In a statement released on Monday, representatives of the nation say that the territory in question is not included in the Coastal GasLink plans, and the company did not provide copies of any work permits for this zone.

This is the same area along the road leading to the company's planned work site, where the RCMP enforced an injunction on January 7, arresting 14 people and removing the barrier on the road.

A statement from Coastal GasLink says that all the work he did was "approved and authorized and fully compliant" with her environmental assessment certificate, and the company fulfilled all the necessary conditions before construction began.

В нем говорится, что рассматриваемое имущество представляло собой строение палатки на дороге, плюс две другие палатки в зоне выдвижения, которые были признаны экипажами небезопасными или нестабильными.

В нем говорится, что эти зоны являются активными рабочими зонами, и любые препятствия, препятствующие безопасному доступу экипажей к ним, противоречат постановлению суда.

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