Wednesday , February 19 2020
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The universe is a bubble inflated by dark energy

Dark energy

The stunning new theory claims that it makes sense not only in an expanding universe and additional dimensions, but also in the theory of strings and dark energy.

According to the new model proposed in the magazine Physical review letters Researchers at Uppsala University claim that the entire universe moves along an expanding bubble in an “extra dimension” that is inflated with dark energy and is home to strings that extend from it to the outside and correspond to all the matter it contains.

Breaking it

The article is extremely dense and theoretical. But, according to its authors, an amazing new theory, which she lays out, can give a new idea about the creation and final fate of the cosmos.

In the long run, however, physicists have proposed many outrageous models for the universe over the years, many of which we have covered here in futurism. Reality: as long as the theory not only does not correspond to the existing data, but also helps to explain the new conclusions, the road to consensus will be a long one.

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