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The real reason you never see monsters in a Netflix bird box

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the film Bird Box.

Sometimes the worst monsters are those that you never see.

Netflix original film Bird box it is a smashing success. He gathered an impressive 45 million viewers in the first seven days of release and continues to charm the audience and scare people to hell. But this is not a traditional celebration of blood. Bird Box is a psychological thriller with a post-apocalyptic turn, where the worst parts are the ones that you will never see.

Bird box Bird Box by Netflix | Netflix via YouTube

What is a bird box?

The story tells of a woman named Malori, who is trying to save her two young children from some monsters. The sight of these terrible creatures, whatever they may be, is so terrible that it makes people commit suicide when they see them. Malori must pass along the river of rapid rapids to protect her children. She is so frightened by love and the loss of her offspring that she does not even call them.

What kind of monsters in the "bird box"?

One of the smartest things that producers have done for the film is to hide the monsters from the audience. The idea is that everything you can imagine is probably worse than what is shown on the screen. In other words, your monster is personal – and it really scares.

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer acknowledged that the producers almost decided to show the monsters, but then decided that it was more terrible to refrain from revealing them.

“There was a time when one of the producers said:“ No, you have to see something at some point ”and made me write an episode from a nightmare where Malori is experiencing one in this house,” Heisserer said

What would monsters look like?

All this makes the fans wonder – what would the monsters look like? There is an answer to this.

Sandra Bullock described the creatures as follows: “It was a green man with a terrible childish face,” she said. "It was like a snake, and I said:" I do not want to see it when it happens for the first time. " Just bring it to the room. We shoot the scene. I turn and he is [growling at me.] It makes me laugh. It was just a fat kid.

Laughter was the opposite reaction that film producers wanted to convey. Fearing that viewers would find it stupid or ridiculous, the scenes with monsters were eventually cut out.

Monsters are different for everyone

Director Suzanne Bjørm perfectly summed up when she said:

“Whatever these creatures are, they affect your deepest fear. The deepest fear of each will be different from another person. I think suddenly take a specific form to illustrate that it is becoming weak. Where self-conceit is really strong, then trying to illustrate it is almost meaningless. So that would be the wrong decision. ”

Do not show monsters in the film also had another advantage. Leaving open questions unanswered, for example, what will happen to children and what monsters look like, this means that there may be a continuation to explore these topics. Time will tell whether this will happen in 2019.

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