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The population of British Columbia has exceeded 5 million due to high rates of international migration

According to the estimates of Statistics Canada, the population of British Columbia for the first time exceeded five million.

The report states that international migration thanks for the jump, as in every province where there was an increase in population.

The population of Canada as of October 1 was approximately 37.2 million people, which is more than 184,000 people as of July 1. This was the largest population increase since 1971.

"I find nothing surprising," said CBC licensed immigration consultant Alex Khadempur from CICS Immigration Consulting.

Statistics Canada reported a high level of immigration, an increase in the number of refugee applicants and the arrival of a large number of non-permanent residents, many of whom are work and study permits.

Khadempur said that in his opinion, the increase in the population of B.S. partly due to the trend among young international students. Many people who move to provinces, such as Ontario, while foreign students move to B.S. after they graduated, he said.

"Compared to other provinces, the BS economy is really good … there are more jobs and provincial [permanent residency] The program is a little easier to navigate than in other provinces, ”said Khadempur.

Khadempur said there are more than 450,000 international students in Canada. He said that it is common for foreign students to enroll in B.C. hospitality and sales industries and get sponsorship from their employers.

“This gives them the opportunity to apply for permanent residence,” said Khadempur.

Filling in the population

Carlos Teixeira, an associate professor of geography on the UBC campus in Okanagan, who specializes in demography, race and urban planning, said that international migrants with small families also greatly helped the people of Canada.

“This growth is due to immigrants, and more recently to refugees, because the overall birth rate in Canada is not very high,” Teixeira told CBC.

He said the Canadian population is aging, as confirmed by a Statistics Canada report.

“We don’t have a balanced pyramid of centuries in this country … One of the ways to compensate is to open the door for immigrants from all over the world,” Teixeira said.

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