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The man ate nothing but Gregs for six weeks – and managed to lose two stones

When you think about food from Greggs, you probably imagine pastries and sweets.

And when you think of baking and sweets, you probably don’t associate them with weight loss and health.

But one man from London proved that you can eat what you want and lose a few pounds at the same time.

Choreographer David Halston managed to lose an impressive two stones in just six weeks, while he ate only the products sold at High Street Bakery, Greggs.

He could only eat food from Greggs during the test

The 46-year-old guy wanted to cut off the wedding of his friend, so he and five others took up the unique task in the 4th channel “How to lose weight well”.

Lead Dr. Xand van Tulleken and GP Dr. Helen Lawal suggested that participants follow different diets to see which one is most effective.

For this program, David was tasked with eating no more than 1,800 calories per day, and was only allowed to eat food from the Greggs' Minimize Me menu.

In addition, he could not drink alcohol during the test.

David loves cakes from Greggs – but had to cut them

As part of his “diet”, he often preferred to eat roll with egg for breakfast, roll with sausage for lunch, and chicken salad with coconut, lime and chili for dinner.

He also ate snacks such as bananas and fruit pots between meals.

When he got tired of eating the same thing, he replaced them with red berry porridge, one slice of Margherita pizza and a ham roll with salad.

At the beginning of the test, David weighed 17 stones, but by the time he finished, his waist had shrunk, and there were 15 stones on the scales.

David managed to lose two stones in six weeks (stock photo)

No wonder he was delighted with the results.

He said: “I am in the seventh heaven. I felt hungry, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I quickly approach 50 and want to feel in shape by the time I do. ”

“When I started, I was the hardest I've ever had — and I love Greggs' pies.”

Further, David advised anyone who has the will power to refuse junk food in order to try an unusual diet.

Would you try the Greggs diet? Let us know in the comments below.

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