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The famous bad video game studio Quantic Dream is no longer an exclusive to Sony.

David Cage sucks. He sucks. And although I am sure that there are many talented developers in Quantic Dream, but as long as the team is completely at the whim of their amateur amateur cinema, his games are also sucked. Shower sucks. Beyond: Two Souls sucks. And last year Detroit: become a man it's so bad that I don't think his stupidity or racism offends me more. And these are just games before you start digging into creepy details, such as nude model Ellen Page, made without her permission, or David Cage, who sues journalists who investigate credible complaints about sexism in this studio.

But all this is not new. So why bring up Quantic Dream today? Admittedly, one of the strengths of the studio is the creation of games with stunningly photo-realistic human characters (people were forced to participate in the most stupid "realistic" games and live stories), and this technology has historically been used to demonstrate the graphic skills of PlayStation equipment. But now Quantic Dream gets a new partner and leaves Sony exclusivity behind.

Quantic Dream remains independent, but receives significant investment from the huge Chinese publisher NetEase, whose other projects include Diablo immortalall that bungie works on except fateand probably a bunch of mobile games that are a billion dollars a day. Quantic Dream made this announcement with an incredibly creepy video transmitted by Variety, featuring one of her beautiful android slaves from Detroitwhose only existence is to smile and explain to you this dry and possibly absurd financial news before you disconnect.

Considering how advanced their technology is and how limited their gaming market is, we suspect that Quantic Dream was forced to rely on Sony in its ambitious projects to get funding. But with the help of NetEase, Quantic Dream will have the resources necessary to create games for any system: from the most powerful gaming PCs to the PlayStation 5 and the next-generation Xbox. Heck, they can even make a Nintendo Switch game.

And even if this ultimately did not prevent the conclusion of the deal, NetEase representatives said they were aware of the controversy surrounding the studio. But the most important conclusion here, and this cannot be said often enough, is that David Cage still sucks. For good PlayStation 4 exclusives, check out our reviews. Spiderman and god of War,

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