Wednesday , January 20 2021

The closet was naked when Cherie Novik turned for help.

The Empty Waste Fund contributed to the Christmas basket program for a food bank in Logan and helped Sheri Nokik and her family.

Sheri Novik did not know what to do.

She looked in the fridge and was empty. She looked in the closets and they were naked.

Where, in her opinion, was the next meal?

Nokik was not so much worried about himself and about his husband Jim. She was very concerned about her 14-year-old daughter Sam, a special-needs child with high-performance autism and learning.

“It was scary,” said Cheri Novik.

But then Novik remembered that he saw something in a local Facebook group about his community of Lake Logan. He spoke about a local food bank in a mining community located southwest of Kamloops in the Thompson-Nicola region.

She took a deep breath and put off her pride. She called the number and talked to Cristina Froment, the coordinator.

Despite the fact that they were closed during the day, Freement invited Nokikov to the food bank. They sent them home with groceries.

Sheri, Jim, and Sam Novik thanked Empty Stock Foundation and Logan Lake Beer Bank for helping them when they needed it.


“It was amazing to have absolutely nothing to make dinner that night — and make dinner next week,” Novik said by phone.

"They said:" Come back next week, and we will give you more. " So we survived for months. ”

Novik's family has never been in such a terrible situation as before. When the couple lived in Coquitlam, they helped families in need by packing and delivering Christmas obstacles.

Four years ago, Cheri decided to quit Sam’s work and home school. Having moved to Lake Logan, Jim had a series of punches that prevented him from working. His recovery had exhausted his medical insurance. The pair began to lag behind their bills.

Last year, their financial difficulties meant that the approach of Christmas greatly influenced the family. According to her, Panic was under appeal on December 25th.

When they were asked if they wanted to register for the Christmas basket, Novik said that she felt that her prayers had been answered.

Their obstacle included turkey and everything needed for a Christmas dinner, including cranberry jelly and apple and pumpkin pies. Her daughter Sam received a gift from a set for artists of colored pencils, pencils and paints in a wooden case.

Donation from the Empty Stock Fund, which is now celebrating its 100th year, has played a big role in covering the cost of Christmas obstacles for such families as Nokix in Lake Logan.

“Without an empty stock fund, things like Bank of Lake Logan will fight,” Novik said. “What you are doing is phenomenal. I think it's all about returning.

Froment said Logan Power Bank takes care of 30 households a week. Of the $ 3,000 that the food bank spent on buying food and food for Christmas obstacles last year, the “Empty Stock” Foundation provided $ 1,600.

She said that the fund’s contribution is incredibly important to the Christmas basket program for a food bank.

“Without this, we would pay out of existing funds, which is quite a bit for a food bank of our size,” she said.

“We have a lot of people in the community who need help at Christmas – not necessarily throughout the year. Nice to give them a helping hand.

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