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The Chilly Charging Profile Of A Hyundai Kona Electric

From 12 To 80 percent at 4 degrees C (39.2 F).

It’s not a bad idea. Of course, the battery can not be charged at any specific charge. There is a 50kW station when it’s 4 degrees C (39.2 F).

The footage found on YouTube channel The EV Puzzle take it a little chilly. As you’ll notice, the car is only accepting the energy of 37 kW instead of 50 kW. It is a charger. It’s also worth noting, though, that even after that the battery level is 76 percent full state of charge.

In any case, the host points out a dilemma worth amplifying. At this particular charging spot, the owners have a one-hour limit. However, to get the car to 80 percent full takes more than that. This is not a great idea.

Video description:

In this video I document a normal day of Kona Electric ownership.

Starting with 45% of the battery charge 125 mile range we have two journeys planned.

The first mile around 60 miles. If you’re a little bit bored on the phone, you’ll be able to make it a bit more conservativeency it gets, charging when I'm home.

It is a good example to test it with. It’s the wisest of choices. At the same time, it’s not possible to note the changes that have been made.


125 start,

57 miles traveled,

65 miles range remaining (-3 miles lost) 21 miles more driven

38 miles range remaining (-6 miles lost)

12 miles more driven 28 miles range remaining (+2 miles gained)

(125 – 89.5 = 35.5 expected Vs 28 actual)

It can be reduced to 10 miles, therefore, it can be reduced to very low levels.

The Rapid charge offers 36 / 37kw from 12% all the way to 76%, where it drops to 23kw through to 80%.

An hour brings the charge from 12 to 66% but to 80% it takes 76 to 77 mins in total, a fraction over the time quoted by Hyundai.

If you’re watching for some points beyond 37kw. May this have been limited to the charge. If not, it just doesn't make sense.

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