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That is why a group of doctors decided to swallow Lego

Lego is probably one of the favorite toys in the world.

Created in Denmark in 1934, these square-shaped pieces of building blocks became popular among adults and children. In fact, you can build castles, robots, cars, and even animal figures by blocking plastic bricks.

While many of us are fascinated by how Lego works, some parents fear that their children may accidentally swallow tiny blocks. St. Louis Children's Hospital reported that children aged six months to four years have the highest ability to swallow non-food items.

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A common question among parents prompted a group of six researchers to conduct study of to see how long it would take when someone accidentally swallowed a Lego item. And yes, the scientific method used in the study may seem disgusting and risky.

To do this, scientists deliberately swallowed Lego heads. They also developed their own metrics, called Stool Hardness and Transit (Shat), as well as Found and Retrieved Time (Fart) scores.

The Shat score assessed consistency or changes in the stool, while the Fart score recorded the number of days. Based on Fart estimate, on average 1.7 days before Lego can pass through the intestines; while the assessment of Shat showed no change in the consistency of their stools.

Surprisingly, one in five doctors could not find a toy in his stool.

They also compared the results in the Shat and Fart estimates to see if the looser chairs caused a faster search, but they found no correlation.

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Although none of the researchers experienced any complications during or after the experiment, Grace Leo, one of the authors of the report, reminded parents that they should not copy it at home.

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