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Surgical Center HealthPlus in New Jersey is facing a lawsuit to infect almost 3,800 people with HIV and hepatitis

The couple filed a lawsuit against the HealthPlus Surgical Center, claiming that it exposes almost 3,800 patients to blood-borne infections. One patient still tested positive for hepatitis C.
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A former patient and her husband filed a lawsuit against a surgical center in New Jersey, whose poor sterilization practices could have exposed almost 3,800 patients to blood-borne infections, including HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

HealthPlus Surgery Center Lawsuit

Patient Lauren Marrero and her husband Julio filed a class action lawsuit to the State Supreme Court in Hackensack on Friday on charges that the HealthPlus Surgery Center at Sickle Brooke was guilty of "wanton misconduct — on an ongoing basis" for exposing patients with dangerous pathogens.

“The defendant knew or should have known that the sterilization procedures at his facility were insufficient and presented a significant risk of harm to the Claimants and other persons similarly located between January 1, 2018 and September 7, 2018,” the lawsuit states.

Plaintiffs recover damages

Loren underwent epidural epidural anesthesia, a pain relief procedure, under general anesthesia in April.

The plaintiffs argue that the negligence of the center caused physical pain, suffering, emotional pain, fear and anxiety among other things. They seek compensation for damages, interest, and attorney fees.

Patient has positive hepatitis C test

The lawsuit was filed due to the fact that in the surgical center it turned out that one of the 3778 patients who may have been exposed to dangerous infections was positive for hepatitis C.

At a press conference, representatives from the HealthPlus Surgery Center said that only 186 patients, possibly exposed to a dangerous infection, were tested. Of those who tested, one tested positive for hepatitis C.

It is not clear, however, whether the patient had hepatitis C in a preexisting disease or the disease was infected after exposure to HealthPlus.

Mark Manigan, a lawyer representing the surgical center, said that the New Jersey Department of Health would be investigating a probe to determine the cause of the patient's infection with the infection.

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