Saturday , January 16 2021

SIU called after Toronto police exchanged shooting with a man in Etobicoke

A provincial police investigator investigates after a 23-year-old man was hit “several times” during an exchange of fire with Toronto officers in Etobicoque on Wednesday evening Wednesday.

Police went to the apartment on Willowridge Road, near Martin Grove Road and Eglinton Avenue West, shortly before 11:30 pm. to arrest a person, according to a press release from the Special Investigation Team. The release did not indicate why the police wanted to detain a person.

“There was an exchange of shooting between a man and a policeman, and this man was hit several times,” the release said.

This man was taken to hospital with injuries not life-threatening, the release continued.

While the Toronto police can no longer comment, because the SIU refers to its mandate, the force representative tweeted at the time of the incident heard 10 to 20 shots.

Police took another man into custody, CBC Video screenwriter Tony Smith reported from the scene.

Police took one person into custody after an exchange of fire with another person on Willowridge Road at the end of Wednesday. (Tony Smith / CBC)

Meanwhile, SIU is devoting three investigators and two judicial investigators. There is one employee and nine witnesses.

SIU asks anyone to contact the lead investigator by calling 1-800-787-8529. Anyone who has a video of the incident can upload it to the SIU website.

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