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Should PC Games cost less on Epic’s Games Store?

Should PC Games cost less on Epic’s Games Store?

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Yesterday's news that Deep Silver's Metro exodus I’m saying it’s about the gaming’s dominant online storefront. But for consumers, it was a game of pricing.

If you pre-ordered Metro exodus though Steam before yesterday, you paid $ 60 (and will still receive that preorder on Steam). If you won’t have it, you should just pay $ 50.

And yet despite that price reduction, Deep Silver will be actually make more than it did from Steam. The Epic offers a 88 percent revenue share on $ 50 ($ 44) is more than a 70 percent revenue.

Passing the savings on

What is most surprising? Metro exodus Epic's Favorable Prospects for the Consumer. It’s possible that they’re temporarily offering it.

That's not how pricing often works. There, retailers usually pay for their cost. There are many ways to get to store more customers.

Imagine if current online game sales. Say a publisher wanted to make $ 10 "wholesale" every minute you sold it. Taking the “retail markup” (i.e., revenue-sharing percentages) to $ 14.38 on Steam. 90 percent of all sales, Buying directly from the publisher's website, players could pay just $ 10.

Prove your worth

Steam version of course. Many players like centralized in one place. The Steam app also offers features that haven't been matched.

"It has been a lot of benefits." It is a clear view of the situation.

If you are a Steam. If they aren’t In any case, the retailers compared to other options.

Try it on for size

Game makers will charge for their games, of course. It’s not a problem.

It wouldn’t have been possible for them to express their increased cut. There is a marked effect on the sales volume.

Looking for a new pricing scheme in Epic's new, lower-markup world. Then again, one of those choices has been sold exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Epic's Timing Neither Silver Epic or Deep Silver comment Metro exodus, but it’s not true, it’s not possible.

It will be up to new digital storefronts. Gamers, players, and the online gaming ecosystem all at once.

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