Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sarah Michelle Gellar Instagram post about fan oversupply

Sarah annoys some people with her thanksgiving message (picture: Amanda Edwards / WireImage)

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been one of our feminist icons since she was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But her latest Instagram post has people accusing her of struggling with her body in front of one of the most festive holidays in the United States.

41-year-old man shared a series of shots with a folding boom, in which she wore an open white shirt on her bra, suspenders and stockings.

No doubt Sarah looked amazing — but it was her signature that really annoyed people.

The actress wrote: “I'm just going to link them all over the house as a reminder so as not to overeat on Thursday #thanksgivingprep”.

Some followers perceived this headline as stunning, many of whom uttered Sarah’s words to contain them, enjoying their turkey and potatoes.

One person commented: “One day of eating good food and enjoying traditions with family and friends will not change your body. And even if it were … is it bad to be something thin?

Another man claimed: “Hey, @sarahmgellar, I love you, but this messaging (for young vulnerable girls) is crap. How about someone who can do both? What about sending your messages through your body, shy / adding a shit culture filter before posting? Your body is gorgeous, but also all bodies are plump, fat, the curves need lifting, no more demonizing. ”

The actress has her own cookbook (Picture: John Lamparsky / WireImage)

And one comment said: “Because women do not have enough reminders to starve and stress about food …”

However, others defended the actress of cruel intentions, claiming that there was no evil or evil in the post.

One of the fans wrote: “People today are accepting everything offensive, this is ridiculous. What is the problem, saying that you do not want to overeat? You must eat until you are satisfied, until you are hunched over from pain. ”

And another said: “She looks amazing, and she should not be ashamed to look like that.”

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Some of Sarah’s celebrity fans also praised the comeback, and Debra Messing wrote: “DO YOU CLOSE ME !?”, and Shannon Doherty left a flame of emotion.

We believe that Sarah did not do any harm in the mail, but there is nothing wrong with writing to have extra portions of your dinner and a box of Milk Tray for the stern.

Sarah has two children, Charlotte and Rocky, with her 16-year-old husband Freddie Prince Jr., Co-founder of Foodstirs, a brand that sells baking sets, and wrote her first cookbook, Mix Foods in 2017.

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