The Samsung C-Lab program (Creative Lab), launched in December 2012, is designed to encourage employees of the conglomerate to work by working on non-standard projects. At CES 2019, which will be held January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas, C-Lab will demonstrate its eight new projects related to artificial intelligence. They use the gamut from zany (smartphone case for recording ASMR content, anyone?) To worldly (monitor stand that tries to quietly improve your posture at work).

While some of the new C-Lab projects may seem strange, they are advertised as “closely related to our daily lives,” says Inkuk Khan (unrelated), vice president and head of the Center for Creative and Innovation at Samsung Electronics. It's a stretch, but here’s a summary of Samsung’s innovative innovations that debut at CES 2019:

  • Tisplay seeks to help coins in real time to turn their videos into elegant virtual commercials – for example, to think that real-time advertising looks like it is printed directly on the author's t-shirt in real time. Samsung says that this sort of thing is possible using computer vision and graphics technology.

  • Aimo This is a smartphone case, equipped with artificial human ears for recording ASMR content, for those who do such things (hmm). While the corpus itself should help content creators create “spatially more enhanced sounds in terms of sound directionality,” Samsung adds that there is artificial intelligence software that also helps improve sound quality.

  • Medeo Uses scene recognition to automatically insert background music and effects in real time. The AI ​​technology here also extracts previously recorded videos related to the keywords that it hears so that the creator can easily insert it into the video while recording.

  • PRISMIT AI News Analyzer, which generates timelines to help readers better understand the timelines associated with problems. Instead of displaying the most "popular" article related to the topic or problem in question, this service will show the five best articles on clustering technology.

  • Perfume blender allows users to create their own fragrances by simply uploading photos of their favorite perfumes to an app that analyzes the ingredients in each of these flavors to recommend an individual “recipe”.

  • Jilin Monitor Stand automatically adjusted based on the current position of the user. By moving the monitor depending on the position of the user's head, neck and shoulders, the intelligent stand is designed to quietly improve the position of its users.

  • lit This is another C-Lab project focused on work or study. AI technology directs a desk lamp to adjust the lighting depending on what it observes through the built-in camera. The accompanying application will also generate training history reports and videos at intervals.

On top of that, Samsung will also introduce eight of its C-Lab side-launches to enable them to demonstrate their commercial products: MOPIC (smartphone cases that allow you to view and capture 3D content), LINKFLOW (360 wearable camera). which goes around your neck), lululab (AI skin care assistant), WELT (activity tracking belt), Cooljamm (automatic music producer for downloadable videos), MONIT (smart baby care center), BLUEFEEL (hand cleaner air and fan), and analog plus (tab that connects helmets with smartphones).

Samsung supports employees who successfully transfer the C-Lab project to start-up status by providing start-up money and business advice. Such assistance and a scene similar to CES are certainly good gifts for these “graduates”.