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Rob Kardashian makes a rare appearance as he spends Christmas with his family.

Rob Kardashian and his daughter Dream Rob Kardashian and his daughter Dream | Robert Kardashian via Twitter

Despite the fact that Rob Kardashian likes to avoid cameras at all costs, he is still confident that he spends some time with his family!

The former star of reality has not been seen for some time, but he appeared a bit since he took part in the Christmas holidays in the Kardashian family.

Rob attended a Christmas party in Kardashian

The holiday season is all about spending time with your family, and Rob Kardashian made sure he did just that.

Keep up with the Kardashians On Tuesday morning, the star seldom appeared on the video from the story of Chloe Kardashian’s sister on Instagram, when the Kardashian clan opened Christmas presents.

Chloe Kardashian entered the room for the first time, showing all the gifts that were awaiting opening. Directing the camera at her sisters and several nieces and nephews, Chloe shows the camera to show Rob Kardashian, who was holding his two-year-old daughter Dream.

When Chloe took a video of her charming niece Dream for a few seconds, you can see that Rob Kardashian leaned over to kiss his daughter on the cheek.

"I'm just going to get a little sleep." Rob, I'm just going to get a little sleep. Merry Christmas, Dreamy Dream! – said Chloe.

“Say Merry Christmas! You can say "Merry Christmas"! In the background, Rob’s voice is heard.

Kardashian shared a photo of his little girl on Twitter, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

For the first time, fans saw Rob Kardashian for the year.

As many fans of the Kardashian family know, Rob Kardashian has long been out of the spotlight.

Taking a step back from the reality show of his family last year, Kardashian tried to avoid the media at all costs.

Rob Kardashian’s recent appearance happened a few days after his sister Chloe defended his privacy when a fan criticized her for not including her brother in an Instagram post.

Chloe said: “My brother is my whole world! He is definitely a king, it is a shame that you cannot respect us for respecting his private life. You should not comment if you are not really informed about our family. ”

Rob Kardashian made the choice to avoid the media to focus on weight loss without harsh criticism. The former star of reality has largely moved away from the center of attention, struggling with weight gain, depression and diabetes.

Over the past few years, Rob Kardashian has received a lot of negativity for weight gain. Most recently, he decided to change his life and lose weight, which could threaten his life if he had not begun to make changes.

“He was warned that if he doesn’t lose weight, it may eventually become life or death, but since then he has lost kilograms and feels much better,” said a source close to Rob Kardashian. “He regularly works with the coach, and this has changed his form. He really starts to look like old Rob.

Rob Kardashian and Chris Jenner Rob Kardashian and Chris Jenner on how to keep up with the Kardashians | E!

Due to the fact that Rob Kardashian currently remains away from attention, he always makes his family a priority, and in return, the Kardashian family will continue to respect Rob’s private life.

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