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Road racket races? – Lack of control over the use of income from numerous activities related to walking / jogging, conducted for charitable purposes | Leading stories

Road racing, jogging and walking became the latest hobby for people who want to play sports, and the first call for several organizations trying to raise funds, but they are not regulated, there is no organization that checks what happens to the money collected and has little control, like when they are held.

This has raised concerns in several communities, at least two recent posts on road trips, where businesses that should have earned income have not yet received a dollar.

Concern among those concerned is Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, who called for strengthening the ministry’s gift policy protocols, based on the fact that events like jogging / walking five kilometers are increasingly being promoted as fundraising initiatives. for hospitals or medical facilities.

“I am concerned, and I expressed this internal concern about the extent to which some activities were carried out and encouraged in the name of health, particularly in hospitals, and sponsors were requested without, in my opinion, an appropriate level of transparency and management. about where these funds end up, "he said.

“My concerns prompted me to ask for a review of specific protocols regarding the gift policy that exists in the ministry,” said Tufton. The sunday gleaner,

According to Tufton, although he does not want to stifle fund-raising efforts, he wants more transparency.

“There are several cases when I was worried. I am careful in my approach to solving these problems, because I don’t want to discourage sincere and sincere efforts that help health care, and in the case of 5ks, there is an added advantage of promoting physical activity that I consider important, "said Tufton.

He noted that the organizers of these road runs / walks, as a rule, should receive permission from a number of institutions to conduct such an event. This includes the police and local municipalities. The Ministry of Health, as a rule, is asked to provide ambulance services.

“From this point of view, it is necessary to seek and provide permission for the official holding of the event. Having said that, in terms of the reasons that these events propagate and support, I would be ready to say that this is true ad hoc"said Tufton.

He stressed that there were several cases all over the world where people raised money to support institutions, and this money was not used for the reason stated.

“We want to encourage philanthropic efforts, we want to encourage support, because health systems anywhere in the world, even in developed countries, cannot survive solely or do not survive also solely through government allocations or even private payment for services.

“There is always a very strong component of gifts or presents, friends of foundations, charitable organizations, non-governmental organizations,” said Tufton.

“I firmly believe in a partnership, and although I want to encourage it, at the same time, we certainly don’t want anyone to think that this process is being abused, so I think we need a protocol,” Tufton added. ,

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