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Reporting deaths for Canadians, Lancet report finds – National

It has been found that it has reached a level of more than 7,000.

Canadians cannibalism counting chronic air pollution.

“This is a code of blue for the environment,” said Dr. Courtney Howard, an emergency room physician and lead author of the Canadian report.

“This is a situation that requires an urgent response.”

This is a report on how to use it. .

It can be seen as the

Donald Trump doesn’t economic harm

Heat-related deaths may increase

Experts predict the hot heat wave.

“We’re aware of the heat events we’re getting in Canada,” said Peter Berry, Hot days, heat loss, heat stroke and even death, he said.

WATCH: Why did the Quebec have a lot of heat-related deaths in July?

It has been shown that it has been in the past year.

Air pollution

The deaths report estimated that deaths were specifically attributable to air pollution, especially in Canada in 2015.

“Reads the Health Canada report. Exposure to air pollution, for example,

New diseases will creep into Canada

Lyme disease, skyrocketing in Canada recently. There were 144 cases in 2009 and 1.479 in 2017, according to data from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

WATCH: Number of cases in Canada has increased by less than a decade. Thanks to tick bites.

It is a virus in the geography of the University of Waterloo.

It has been shown that these diseases are more common. “Do you need to go to school?” disease and other infectious diseases. ”

Allergy seasons will increase

Allergy seasons for various allergens have already been getting longer Canada. Data from Aerobiology Research, a number of days and a half, in between Toronto between 2006 and 2017, to give one example.

“You’re not getting allergic allergens and allergies,” he said.

“So we’re going to see a significant increase in environmental allergies in Canada.”

Disasters could lead to more mental health problems

Disasters like this.

“You can imagine that if your house is destroyed, there’s additional stressors on you,” said Howard.

I’m following the wildfires of the Northwest Territories, which was a wildfire season in 2014. For example, there is no need for a patient to travel.

Fort McMurray wildfire, study finds

It is also suggested that people use the following a disaster.

Howard believes that Canadians are beginning to take all these dangers.

“People are seeing their day-to-day lives. So we think it makes it easier for us to make that diagnosis. ”

She thinks that Canada can still deal with the problem. “If you want to make a real progress.”

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