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Report: CM Punk FOX Agent Contacts on WWE Talk Show Hosting

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer said that agent CM Punk contacted the head of Honxhos at FOX.

There are people on AEW who believe that Punk is associated with WWE, and people on WWE deny this. The report noted that Punk was represented by CAA, the same agency that represents WWE, and that the agent contacted to find out if FOX was interested in hiring Punk to co-host the new WWE talk show.

The show will air every Tuesday night on FS1 later this year, as part of their agreement to broadcast SmackDown Live on FOX in October.

It should be noted that the hosts of the show will be paid by FOX, not WWE. Thus, the idea of ​​Punk participating in this show is probably not suitable for people from WWE management because of the story between the two sides.

It is important to note that the fact that his agent contacted FOX about the possibility does not mean that Punk knew about it and he was interested. In many cases, agents go to several places to evaluate the interest of their clients.

There was no negotiation between the Punk and FOX side about the hosting concert.

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