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Red Deadption 2 Line Line includes all of these items.

Rockstar Games announced an official clothing line based on Red Dead Redemption 2. The game developer collaborated with clothing company Barking Irons for a line of clothing and accessories that were modeled after the main character, Arthur Morgan, wore in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Collection, released in unisex sizes from XS to XXL, includes a range of items, starting with the waterproof Gunslinger jackets ($ 250). Made from waxed cotton fabric and leather, the shirt has associated loops and the name Morgan printed on the collar. It also includes a gang of Van der Ling inside a pocket-sized printer and a Rockstar logo print.

Other items in the collection include denim tape ($ 150 USD), casual shirt ($ 120), Railroad shirt ($ 120) and Union henley ($ 92 USD). The collection also includes a saddle bag ($ 180 USD), a large tote ($ 75 USD) and a riding bag ($ 325 USD)

“The Red Dead Redemption 2 model clothing by Barking Irons, made on clothes worn by Arthur Morgan, with a subtle nod in game design, combines authentic details of the era with modern design Americana,” Rostar says.

You can visit the Barking Irons website here to see the full range of Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing and accessories. Delivery is possible outside of the United States. You can also check out this Rockstar Newswire record for more information on the clothing line.

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