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PS Plus free PS4 games for February 2019, including For Honor and Hitman

PS Plus games for February 2019 are on the way, giving members of the PlayStation online subscription service access to a fresh batch of PS4 games that can be downloaded at a great price of £ 0.

“Honor” is “For Honor”, ​​a third-person, Ubisoft 2017 game in hand-to-hand combat, in which you play as a Viking, samurai or knight in epic battles with rival armies or other players. Each group contains many classes for the game, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The combat mechanics are a bit more complicated than the typical “cut and cut” heading, where your positioning and angle of attack, as well as blocking, parrying and pushing the enemy, play the main role.

There is a single player campaign that will help teach you the mechanics, but the main attraction of For Honor is its multiplayer game. Regular deathmatch competitions and zone control are accompanied by Faction War mode, a constant online conflict in which players fight on behalf of their faction to secure territory and earn new equipment.

Blades of glory in honor

Another free PS4 game in February – Hitman: The Complete First Season is the release of the 2016 IO Interactive franchise of the same name. Although it was an episodic format with the first release, it combines all levels into one package.

The murderous agent of the 47th contract commits another international assassination campaign, taking him from Paris to Hokkaido. Each level is a complex sandbox, which allows you to approach the blow as you like.

For Honor and Hitman it will be free to download until March 5th.

Fortune loves a bald man in hitman

PS3 and PS Vita owners get good and bad news this month. The good news is that since January, free fighting games Divekick (PS3, Vita), Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), the title of defense of the tower Gunhouse and 2D aerial combat game Rogue Aces (both for Vita and for the cross with PS4) are free from January. 5 to 8 March.

The bad news is that after this date, Sony will no longer include PS3 and Vita games in the free PS Plus monthly ad campaign. Given the lack of backward compatibility of the PS4 and the likelihood that most people will give up the PlayStation 3 in favor of the current generation of machines, it was quite inevitable, but if you still have to switch to PS4, then this is your last chance to grab a couple of free.

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