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Pilas district officer – son of the deputy chief of police – docked the charge for conviction

Peel, a region police officer, was discontinued after pleading guilty to his role in the Pittsburgh attack, which forced other police officers to tease him to keep him under control.

Set Ryan Andrews, son of the deputy chief of police, Peel Mark Andrews, has worked in this squad for five years and works in the district 12 police station in Mississauga.

Ryan Andrews (left) and his father, Mark Andrews, when the younger Andrews became a police officer in 2014.
Ryan Andrews (left) and his father, Mark Andrews, when the younger Andrews became a police officer in 2014. (Metroland photo file)

He should lose his five-day payment after pleading guilty to defamatory behavior in accordance with the Police Service Act before an official of Supt. Colleen Fawcett.

The ruling was issued on December 19 at the police headquarters in Mississauga.

The hearing heard that Andrews and a group of friends were absent in Pittsburgh on the evening of December 9, 2017, when he and his friend left the nightclub and were involved in a fight with another man, also a duty officer.

“The conversation has escalated to the point that Konst. Andrews pushed (the man) twice and there was a physical altercation between the three men, ”Fawcett said in his decision.

The man tried to hit Andrews, but Andrews leaned back and hit him on the head, knocking him down.

"Mouth. Then Andrews sat down (man) on the ground and struck several additional blows to his face and head area, in accordance with the agreed statement of facts.

Pittsburgh police officers immediately responded to the attack, trying to separate Andrews from the fight. But when Andrews did not stop, the officer touched him, the ruling said.

It also did not make Andrews stop, and the officer had to use force to remove Andrews from the man, after which “additional officers were required to help gain control of Konst. Andrews and handcuff him, ”wrote Fawcett.

Andrews, who is from Brampton, was arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest and taken to county jail.

Ten days later, Andrews pleaded guilty to hooliganism and prosecution before Judge Jeffrey A. Manning in the Allegany County District Court and received a fine.

Fawcett said that Andrews repented and apologized to his family, the police and the police tribunal.

According to Pierre Bernard, Ryan Andrews received three accolades and won the 2016 driver detention award winner, Matt Parr, who represented Andrews at a disciplinary meeting on behalf of the Regional Police Association Pyla.

“In general, the comments (from its managers) describe the employment history, which was excellent before committing the offense,” said Bernard. "Mouth. Andrews takes full responsibility for his actions, he showed remorse and was embarrassed. ”

Fawcett said police officers adhere to higher standards of ethical behavior and moral character.

". "Such a misconduct is considered seriously and will not be allowed," she said. “The public has the right to expect high ethical standards of behavior from police officers and act responsibly and professionally at any time, whether in their personal or professional life. When those who are selected to protect and serve the public do not meet the expectations of society, trust is undermined and the employee must be held accountable. ”

Peel Headquarters Sergeant Valerie Graham said that Ryan Andrews took responsibility for his actions and was properly disciplined.

“Pyla Regional Police considers any criminal conviction of a police officer as a serious matter, and this case is no different,” she said. "We keep our employees at a higher level, and we expect them to be exemplary members of the community both in and out of the service."

Ryan Andrews father, deputy head of the Peel branch, Mark Andrews, is considered the leader, who will become the next police chief in Pyla, according to police. During the hiring process, which is expected to take several months, Deputy Chief Chris McCord will become interim police chief after Jennifer Evans resigns in January.

Mark Andrews did not respond to a request for comment on the hearing of his son.

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