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Pascal Siakam – fun for the whole family

Photo: Vaughn Ridley (Getty)

Six feet nine and a grinning threat on a quick break? Check it out. Seven feet three wingspan and can switch anywhere? Check it out. Slippery speed and sweetest move? Check it out. Extremely powerful name? Check it out. Released a 26-point, 8-for-10 bombs on the Warriors? As of last night, check.

Protection was there. But in his third season, Raptors forward Pascal Siakam now has eyebrows as soon as he gets the stone. (Later last season in the playoffs, watching how he tests his movements can cause the same reaction, but not always for valid reasons.) Siakam's drives looked over-zealous, like someone who worked in the farthest range of his pen – the player who saw each lane, no matter how clogged, as an opportunity for his favorite movement.

Make no mistake: this is an incredible maneuver, one watch all dayCameroon thanks his football background for all these exquisite legs. Many defenders were in a blender, even when they know perfectly well what to expect. Sometimes Siakam adjusts to his feet before heading into a bucket, but sometimes he puts it after he covers a huge space on the fly:

He can hit those, and significantly less deadly views, in an outstanding clip, supporting a 67 percent interest rate. This season, Siakam sharpened the subtleties of his style, the chaotic game style: the best solution, improved range (it is only above the league average of three on limited attempts) and dropped his free throws (78% healthy). Due to its physical characteristics and comfort in different roles, Siakam’s perfect future is a faster type of Draymond that can do a little bit of everything at both ends. Watching how he got to that point, skill skills were fun.

Last night against the still troubled Warriors, he was able to show how dangerous he could be in any part of the crime. Do not allow it to leak, because if it is a stop in the basket, you lose.

Do not leave it with a slow perimeter mismatch:

And do not sleep on your craft around the rim:

Siakam – 24, so he needed to develop all these new layers, so that his game took place sooner than later, but, fortunately, it seems to be in full swing. If this continues, its versatility as a third option can help Raptors eke reach the final, where they can hope to give the world seven games, as challenging as last night. Why couldn't this happen? The predators are 19-4, and they boast Kawi, an endless bench and this cool guy. More importantly, they no longer need to get out of LeBron James’s feet.

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